How to write a synthesis essay?

How to write a synthesis essay?

This stage is the most difficult from the points of the introduction. To create a strong beginning, you need to find a partner and stick to the writing process consistently. Try to take into account the interests of the audience you are writing about. For example, if you are writing a synthesis essay on computer games, it would be’s reasonable to write briefly the main points of the paper (definition of the concept, thesis statement, brief description of the issues considered, etc.). Analyze the opinion of the author, whether it corresponds with the topic of the essay. Then you should clearly elaborate each argument.

The initial part should include the following points:

  • Analyze the topic. This stage is short – the analysis of the issue is limited only to the case of literature on the topic. In other words, you should search for the information in the sources on this issue. The type of information that is appropriate for the topic is determined by the sphere of the research.
  • The examples from the life of science are presented in the essay. They should be used as a clear indication of the subject. All sources should be traced back to the thesis statement and – specifically, with the help of which kind of information is collected. The type of information that is appropriate for the topic is indicated in the bibliography.
  • Integrate the analysis and evaluation of the information collected. The author should evaluate the work of art using the analysis and evaluation of the results of each sample. The evaluation should be objective. The object of the evaluation is a work (a group of persons, for example, games, films, etc.)
  • The principle of similarity is based on the principle of similarity of the group of subject with the object of the same category. So, the criteria for the relevance of the sources used is the coincidence of the concept, the same status of the objects and the same qualitative and quantitative characteristics of their occurrence.
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    There are two types of arguments frequently used in the field of educational activities:

  • Inductive argumentation which leads the reader to a general conclusion through a series of individual examples.
  • You may also practice deductive reasoning. The words vindicate the initial thesis indicating the direction of the reasoning. So, you may push forward the following proposal in an advantages of child labour essay: it is not recommended to eliminate the concept of childhood as a thing, considering it only as a phenomenon which should be analyzed.
  • It is not recommended to treat the subject as a whole objectively. It is quite possible that someone among your friends is a teenager who suffered from child abuse. However, it is not true. You should analyze the motives of the offender, examine the circle of influence and consequences of the offense. In other words, you should ask yourself: why did this person act in such way?
  • It is worth repeating in a conclusion that the problems of a particular case should be considered in the framework of other laws regulating the sphere of behavior of minors. Such laws include the provision of support and care for minors, the promotion of children’s education on health issues, and later, sexual education.
  • The absence of strict regulation of emission standards. The federal authorities decided to abandon the standard of emission standards which did not allow the installation of emissions standards on the basis of the type of emissions that could be tolerated in the environment. The federal authorities established a threshold of emissions in the meantime.
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    There is a story with the strangulation of a teenager by his teacher. After questioning the doctor about the level of somatic activity in the body, the teacher proceeds to the conclusion that the child can be considered incurable. As a result, the initial target of the attack is not identified and the doctor loses the child’s life.

    Child labour as a thing is not something unusual for the modern world. Indeed, in some countries, the education system requires students to have children to perform the labour (mostly adolescent) roles. So it is not strange that often the young people are forced to work at adult salaries. In the countries of Western Europe and the United States, the number of people employed in industry is 1.5 times higher than the number agricultural workers. In North America and South Africa, the child is employed in agriculture, forestry, and agriculture-related industries. But the report indicates that in 2013, the total number of children working in agriculture was 3.5 times higher than the number agricultural workers.

    The logic of the growth of the population is also convincing: according to the UN, over 60 million people were created in the last 30 years. The significant increase in the population of urban populations fills the order of things and types of material comfort which the young families are used to.

    In Europe, the family is a institution by marriage. There is a tradition of joint parenthood and children being a mother and a father. Often the biological mother is a woman.