How to write a synthesis essay?

How to write a synthesis essay?
So for my english class were writing an essay about the 4 books: Into the wild, Survivor type, Cheating death in BlueJohn Canyon, and To build a Fire. How exactly do I write it like is it a normal essay, or is there a specific thing im supposed to do?

A synthesis essay explores a topic while using different sources as examples. it’s not a persuasive essay, so youre not trying to prove a point, youre just analyzing the themes and stuff of each source, although you should contribute your own ideas as well. i havent read those books, but im assuming the main topic will be about survival/escaping from society. so you have to give your reader a better idea of what your issue is about, and by explaining what each of your sources say, it will give everyone a clear picture of what you’re talking about.