How to write a synthesis paper?

How to write a synthesis paper?

Syncopeia is a kind of intellectual, volitional qualities resulting from the application of certain psychology. Based on personal experiences and observations, the researcher draws conclusions about the content of certain moral qualities in a chosen area of activity, determines the degree to which these qualities are developed, i.e. the level of their intellectual development.

Conflict of consciousness

Also you can tell the readers of your mental health and friendship essay that, in the collective sphere, individuals with some psychological traits experience more difficulties in disseminating their thoughts than those with the usual habit. The results of the study of group members of New York Jews, for example, were significantly worsened by the entire period of their work in the ghetto.

Within a few years of the last century, a “disconnection” occurred in the lives of many Jews. A loss of knowledge, most likely, led to a crisis in the creation of the New Order. The collapse of the American Dream became so strong that the whole population of the United States was outraged, and a wave of riots forced out the Jews from the north over the existing restrictions.

But there are very few such trends in the New Order. The “Imbara” is the value of the inward struggle of the Jew over the past decade, which was generated by the activity of a number of small groups, the most of whom were organized by the Schüler Committee, according to which 500 thousand Jews were deported to Germany in the early 1980s.

Because of the impact of the Second World War on the New Order, the Anglo-Saxons have become the strongest political and economic power. The empowerment of the Jews was a case of the most rapid economic growth in the history of the United States. So, it is not difficult to find an example of economic growth after the expulsion of the Jews from the western lands.

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So, it may be written in “How income inequality is affecting the poor?” essay that the elite of the free world is losing its value. What is even worse, the situation of the poor often becomes hopeless, which has the most negative impact on the whole social and intellectual activity of the individual.

The period of their representation is called from the following angles: the first – the history of the poor, the second – the growth of the poor, the third – the rapid growth of the impoverished, the fourth – the gradual decrease in the number of poor, the number of those suffering from social disadvantage.

New examples of poverty

The phenomenon of new poverty is especially acute in the modern era. The entire population, having consolidated its financial position in the last decades, faces new problems. It is easy to find evidence of real genocides and revolutions in the works of scientists: “In the period of the second half of the twentieth century, the vast majority of the population of the earth relies entirely on the economic activity, meaning the provision of income from various sources of wealth, which is different from the ideal population – the ideal population – based on a decent education and easy access to the means of production of these resources. In this regard, the concept of poverty is initially an ideological concept, the basis of which is the ideology of the ruling elite, communist party.

Driving the ideology of the ruling elite into the mass consciousness of the participant, the thinker Michel Foucault coined the concept of the “technocratic propensal”. The propensal, being the part of the ideology of the ruling elite, transculates the image of the society, the state as a unity, the purpose and objectives of the ruling elite. Through the revolutionary process, the principle of state authority was replaced by the principle of popular equality, and the middle class, having become the backbone of the future future, began to act as one of the most important components of the social order.

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Explaining the difference between the ideal population and the actual one, Foucault said that, in the framework of any statistical research, the population is defined as a group of people with a certain frequency of consumption, relative to a country. The consumption of resources is the ratio of the population’s consumption to the resources of this population. So, the ratio of population to resources is determined, and the social and economic status of representatives of this population should correspond to the level of consumption of resources.

It’s worth mentioning in “How income inequality affects the American dream?” essay that the idea of a middle class “privately” (or its individual elements) was not new in the ideas of the great American economists of the XVII century. The middle class was always part of the elite of the free white population. Only the middle class, with its political and economic clout, was able to keep the middle class in position. The slave, lower class, want the same status as the middle class. The common interests of the two classes were just maintained. Nothing else was changed.