How to write a theme analysis?

How to write a theme analysis?
I have to write an theme analysis essay on the book Anthem, i have an outline but i dont know what i would write in each paragraph. It basically says i need a intro w/ thesis, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Any help?

Forget the wording “theme analysis” and focus on writing a Five paragraph essay concerning the book. Your Thesis needs to have three points so write your essay with an intro paragraph and the three point thesis sentence at the end. Then the next three paragraphs will discuss each of your thesis points and then write a conclusion paragraph.

Simple five (5) paragraph essay

1. Intro with thesis
2. Body with point one of thesis
3. Body with point two of thesis
4. Body with point three of thesis
5. Conclusion

Again, forget about “theme analysis” and just write a five paragraph essay.……