How to write a thesis on gender inequality

How to write a thesis on gender inequality

It is rather difficult for many young people to understand the concept of equality. The word is Latin for “the totality of different people” which suggests a number of basic concepts summarized below.

  • Social status is a basis of the right to life, liberty and justice. higher classes are entitled to participate in this series of social activities, but still there are restrictions on equality of treatment, freedom of speech, property rights, and equality of opportunities.

    As a rule, in the non-slave/free countries, the upper class includes lords and dignants of the community. Because of this, the peasant is free in his position of the lord, but not in the position of the lowest class. The property of the upper class is less than the property of the lower class. The social status of representatives of the middle class is higher. In Europe, the concept of equality meant the equality of opportunities in the conditions of economic, political and social equality. It meant the conditions in which the lower strata will be able to participate in the distribution of things and benefits.

    But even in those conditions, the characteristics of the middle class are somewhat different from the characteristics of the upper class. The reasons for this are a socially and economically, the structure of the society, the topology of the economy, the visibility and prestige of the middle class in the perception of the entire society. In Europe, the middle class is characterized by a high level of social and economic activity, which allows it to influence the surrounding society. From this perspective, the middle class is one of the most important tools for achieving the equality of opportunities in the social sphere.

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    Controversial theoretical approaches to income inequality essay topics

    The topic of the income inequality in the United States is invariably relevant not only among American historians, but also among public figures, politicians, in the broad circles of the US public. Important ideological motives always were at the heart of their perception of this problem.

    The main one is connected with a different interpretation of the category of “equality” which, since the emergence of American civilization, has acted as one of its core values. In the minds of many Americans, it meant and means equality of opportunities. It may be emphasized in the upside of income inequality essay that this interpretation provides a basis for justifying economic imbalance, since, in the presence of equality of opportunities, individuals with different abilities achieve different results.

    But the number of Americans who believe that the society is obliged to ensure a certain leveling of the results of citizens’ activities through reforms increased in recent years. They state that there is no exemplary equality of opportunities in real life, and poverty is unacceptable in a developed modern society.

    Such a worldview difference seriously influences the approaches and conclusions of American researchers addressing the problem of economic inequality. The discrepancies between theories are also determined by the difference in methodological and methodical approaches, used sources.

    In general, all researchers can be divided into optimists and pessimists. The representatives of first group believe that the economic inequality in the US did not acquire a threatening or dramatic character and did not contradict public justice. The second group is convinced that there were sharp economic contrasts at all or many stages of American history, and this inequality deserves a critical evaluation.

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    In the course of writing an income inequality exploratory essay, you need to develop own point of view, to formulate it in a clear thesis and to provide worthy arguments. The best evidence is examples from life. To use them skillfully, you have to consider the history of the United States in detail.

    Tendencies of colonial period for income inequality research paper

    Referring to historical examples in effects of income inequality in America essay, it’s worth recalling that the colonial period (1607-1775) was the first stage on which economic imbalance was clearly visible. Its specificity was largely determined by the specifics of the social and ethnic composition of the North American population: