How to write a thesis on sexual harassment

How to write a thesis on sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is a form of coercion which is often disguised from the outside. This phenomenon exists in all spheres of human life, including education.

Modern students should be aware of this phenomenon as it is often defined as unwanted sexual attempts, requests for sexual services and other verbal or physical acts of a sexual nature.

The main goal of this phenomenon is to intimidate a woman, to control, intimidate or humiliate her. Such a definition implies attempts to impose on her own will, as well as other coercive acts. Often, such acts are based on an imbalance of power when a man tries to exert excessive control over a woman. It does not depend on her appearance or behavior but on his. Again, people blame the victim for the actions of the offender. If a lady behaves in a way which is compatible with the definition of sexual harassment, the offender can be sure that she is the one who subjected him to such treatment.

The phenomenon of sexual harassment is common in all spheres of public life. The external pressure is strong, and the victim is exposed to increased danger.

The definition of this phenomenon in science and journalism is quite simple. It is established in the foundations of civilized society as a social institution where the informational provision of the social behavior of the individual is born and formed. The cultural legacy of sexual behavior is formed and maintained. That is why the study of this phenomenon is always concentrated on the life of the individual and often includes elements of the socialization of the offender.

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To make your work easier, better prepared, you should create a simple structure as shown by the facts below.

The basic element of the sexual harassment is his attitude towards the woman. This attitude is determined by his own desires, opinion or attitude towards the woman. It is expressed in the definition of “harassment” which, however, do not apply in cases when public threats are defined as unwanted sexual contacts.

The definition of harassment is very broad. It does not apply to cases of violence, persecution, coercion of partners to sexual relations or marriage. The harm of harassment is usually measurable, real or imagined. It can be both physical and moral, sexual and domestic, mixed, familial and parental.

Most often, women become victims of sexual harassment when they want to change their sexual behavior and are forced to tolerate other types of behavior. They willingly become the sex workers. The risk of exposure to sexual activities is rather high. The desire to have sexual contact provides a feeling of security and respect for the female subject.

Of course, for women with whom there is an unspoken rule about the appearance of men, this phenomenon can be considered as a form of discrimination. However, in the case of women, the external restrictions are usually mitigated, allowing them to look freely into the world.

How to write on sexual harassment essay topics?

Sexual harassment is a widespread element of domestic abuse, and it can be both in the family and in the workplace. The reason for this is the entrenched gender stereotypes: marriage is often regarded as giving men the unconditional right to have sexual relations with their spouses and to use force if they want.

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In the culture of strict gender roles, women are often subordinate to men in the positions of responsibility, are often criticized for wearing too tight clothes and for taking on such role stereotypes. Female part of humanity may be harmed by the abuser. This is why it is difficult for a woman to feel joy and joy if her lover is forced to do the work.

A man can be a manipulative, can take the victim’s position under the influence of an unconscious sense of guilt, can underestimate the capabilities of a strong woman, can underestimate the interests of a powerful ally. Particularly, with regard to women working in large businesses where there are no trade unions.

An environment of unequal relations can lead to the appearance of a number of child victims, the process of parenthood overcomes a system of exploitation, social isolation of strong women and the abuse of children.

The theme of the essay on domestic violence should be approachable for students so that they can write with confidence that help them to understand the current situation and understand how it will occur in the future.

Information for social work with women

If you’re looking for useful information for the essay about child abuse, consider disclosing the research paper topics. The phenomenon of gender inequality has been known since the second half of the 20th century. It’s worth mentioning in feminist issues essay that nowadays, in most countries of the world, there are statistics on the increase in the number of women who state that they were victims of sexual abuse. Almost 50% of women and men in the USA have been threatened because they were raped.

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Women with children are particularly vulnerable because they have more opportunities to be exposed to the influence of an abuser.