How to write a thesis statement that s not 3 pronged?

How to write a thesis statement that s not 3 pronged?
Have to turn in an intro paragraph and the thesis isn t supposed to be 3 pronged (according to my teacher). Someone help me out. Is there a website or something that can help me with this?

A thesis CAN be three-pronged, but it usually means a much longer and more complicated paper, which your teacher probably wants you to avoid. For most school papers, you should have one solid these that can be supported by three examples. Here are some simple examples that each have ONE main theme but cover three sub-topics:

1) Research paper: There are three main types of frogs in the rainforest, and knowing which is which can help save your life. [this type of paper would define the three categories of frogs (based on where they live or their habits or their phsyiology)–and how to identify the ones that are especially poisonous.
2) Literary essay: Through clever word choices, especially the use of symbolism, metaphor and irony in his novel “Babbit,” Sinclair Lewis mocks the idea that the model citizen, the ideal common man who follows all the rules and behaves within all societal norms, is what we should to become. Instead, Lewis advocates the opposite: that only by stepping outside the bounds of normal will the common man ever make significant advances in society.
3) Historical perspective: In examing the Progressive Era of the 1920s, one might believe that women got the right to vote in 1920, but society had evolved to the point that women were considered equal. However, a closer examination reveals that the right to vote was won not for equality’s sake, but the very opposite: the belief that women’s inherent gentler nature would have a positive effect on society as a whole if women were allowed to vote. [such a paper would examine how three factors, name;y WWI, Prohibition and the ensuing rise in crime and violence, and the flapper culture all provide evidence to support this theory].

I hope this helps.
If you submitted your thesis as written, someone here could probably help you modify it.