How to write a/tips for Compare and contrasting essay?

How to write a/tips for Compare and contrasting essay?
How do I write a compare and contrast essay?
Any tips?
On the scoring rubric, it says I have to have 5 paragraphs, quotes in the 3 body paragraphs. and that I need a really strong introduction. I know I need enough supporting details for my topics in the 3 body paragraphs.
I also need help with the introduction/hook too.
What else can I do?
I’m really bad at writing so, any tips?

For your intro, after your hook (I’m really, really bad at hooks, so I can’t help you with that), start by saying what about the two things you’re comparing is similar. Then introduce your two things and talk about how they’re different. For example, if you were comparing your two dogs, you’d say something like, “Dogs are man’s best friend. Blah blah blah.” Then you’d say, “But not all dogs have the same personalities. My one dog is really excited, blah blah blah, while the other sleeps all the time.” You would list three main points about dogs that you could use to compare and contrast yours. Then you’d proceed to the body of the paper. This isn’t a fantastic example, but it does illustrate the format.
A tip: come up with your three main points and write the body first. THEN write the intro–you’ll have a much better idea of what you want to say.