How to write a US national security essay

How to write a US national security essay

It is difficult to give the reader some small idea of what to expect from the new paper because the topic is wide and interesting. To make it easier for the reader you will divide the main part into several smaller topics.

The topics can be divided into the control and free topics, the topic of which should reflect the solution to a problem in the United States. So, you have to think through the strategy of presenting theses and the arguments.

To make it easier for you from the very beginning, we will tell you how to create a research paper on US immigration.

  • The concept of the project. Determining the topic of the research paper, you will need to clearly define the idea of the project, which you will develop in the following steps:
  • Projects definition. It is a short description of the activity of a wide variety of research projects. The topic can be devoted to any phenomenon, public problems, or to causes and effects of migration processes.
  • The subject of the paper is the United States, which is mentioned in the acronym American Dream. The concept of American Dream is naturally linked with the history of the United States, which, in turn, is connected with the activities of English and French philosophers: Burke, Foucault, are there any cases when the United States did not observe the order of their neighbors on the elimination of slavery, and the result was the adoption of amendments to the US Constitution, in which slavery was banned. So, it is not fair to claim that the era of the American Dream is the product of the French and American philosophers.
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    Projects are those scientific projects, which are designed to give an academic, research, and solution to some problems. The research work of such teams includes the formulation of interesting ideas, choice of certain approaches to solve the problems posed, publication of results, analysis of statistics, conducting experiments and recording the findings.

  • The practical part of the research is aimed at testing theories, hypotheses, previously developed models or methods.
  • Suggesting solutions to problem essays

    The theme of the research paper is some of the most controversial. Few researchers dare to call it: “The goal of the research is to reveal,” – it is even difficult to believe in such work, in which different people’s opinions on the same problem are expressed in conflicting and frequently contradicted.

    Religious circles criticized Malthus from the other point of view. The Church believed that any artificial restriction of population (contraception, abortion, sterilization, etc.) is the interference in the affairs of the Lord.

    It is interesting to mention in an essay on population problem that Malthus was constantly credited with views against which he was openly speaking. Intellectuals familiar with the works of scientist, for some reason, creatively reprocessed what they read. Here is the example. In the famous novel “Brave New World” (1932), Aldous Huxley described a sterile future, in which the demographic problem, in fact, is absent. Members of pre-planned castes grow in giant incubators. Family, as a social institution, is absent.

    In the late 60ies of the last century, mankind first thought about the problem of overpopulation of the Earth and depletion of resources. Most research paper examples treat this problem from the point of view of the effect of population on the environment.

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    In many countries of the world, the solution of this problem was considered and developed in different epochs. Now, in most part of the developed countries of Western Europe and North America, the following strategy is mentioned in commonly accepted research paper ideas: to reduce population and starve to death over the next 10-15 years.

    Problem of population aging

    The study of population aging is one of the most popular and mysterious scientific concepts. The cause of the need for fertility declines with the age of the population. The number of births and deaths among people of older age is regularly reduced.

    Here are some examples of the main scientific theories on the causes of population aging:

  • the decline in the birth rate, which leads to a reduction in the number of children and young families, an increase in the proportion of older people, especially, in the rural areas. The rural population will suffer from reductions in the number of households and children, especially, in the areas of the construction of rivers and coastal areas.
  • The increase in the proportion of older people, especially in big cities. The number of old people is affected by the change in the size of the population, which does not allow them to meet the new living standards of the younger generations.