How to write a very good essay?

How to write a very good essay?
how can you write a very good essay on an interview

Hello! Good essays follow a five-paragraph format.

1st paragraph: Grab your reader’s attention with an interesting opening sentence. Then outline what the rest of your essay will be about. State your thesis (example: I am qualified for this position).

2nd-4th paragraphs: These are your body paragraphs. Start each on off with a different supporting detail for your thesis. (i.e. I volunteered for two summers at a YMCA camp.) Describe each supporting detail in that paragraph. (There were 200 underprivileged youth. I was camp director. I planned all the activities, etc. etc.)

5th paragraph: Concluding paragraph. Restate you thesis in a different way. Leave the reader with a good feeling. Sell yourself with a call to action.

That being said, I hope you benefited from my essay advice, and I would be humbled with a “best answer” vote.

Dana B