How to write about American Dream essay topics?

How to write about American Dream essay topics?

Since the American Dream essay topics are usually devoted to the present-time, it is easy to compose the paper on this topic. The matter is that, in the second half of the last century, there were radical changes in the value system of the United States. The welfare of the working class was seriously strengthened, more opportunities and benefits were opened for the middle class. But the process of economic stratification of the United States was almost completed. The lower class achieved economic success, as it was able to grow into a small elite of the free white population.

The solution of the main social problems, as it was already said in the American literature, be the middle class. But, in the culture of the Enlightenment, there were other, no less dramatic changes in this sphere. The results of the transformation of the social object and the status of the middle class were within the bounds of the Mason-Duffin Act of 1874. But the pattern of their movement from the bottom to the top in the industrial and educational sphere was much deeper than the route from the industrial bloc to the middle class.

The establishment of the middle class gave rise to two trends radically transforming the perception of itself and the surrounding society. The first is the liberation of the individual from the burden of old, traditional values. The second movement is the liberation of the middle class from economic, social and political responsibilities.

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This phenomenon may be characterized as the “second transformation” in the American ideology. In the minds of the vast majority of the population, the first transformation is a kind of liberation from the burden of previous, traditional values. In the process of economic modernization, the middle class is one of the most important structures of society.

There are many examples of the second transformation: the economy has become truly global and important. The material base has grown beyond the boundaries of the Earth. The geography of the world has been radically improved. The phenomenon of migration has become more significant. The borders are firmly connected with the realities of life and the ways in which people lived.

There are many facts proving the renewal of the middle class. At the same time, the material situation is not entirely hopeful. The high birth rate due to the high mortality rate was observed in the 1980s. The number of people employed in agriculture is lower than the number agricultural workers. There are less than 1.5% of people engaged in agriculture.

Based on the above, you may conclude in “Is the American Dream still attainable?” essay that the modern American Dream is not yet fully formed, and its ideas have some drawbacks. The momentum of their growth was negative in the first half of the 20th century. But the second half of the 20th century was marked by the gradual positive change of the class structure of the United States.

The trend of their growth was more pronounced than in the other periods of US history. The lower social classes and the upper economic classes of the new middle class were able to enjoy the full rights, and the number of citizens employed in agriculture increased. The free trade in agricultural industries gave rise to more than 100 new professions, and the number of people employed in agriculture increased. The industrial revolution was more than 100 years. It grew out of the resistance of the lower strata to the requirements imposed on it. The industrial revolution was more than a half of the work cycle. It was carried out in the framework of the Second Continental Congress.

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The actual level of the industrial revolution in the United States is much higher than in England. The share of the labor force employed in industry is 15.6% higher than the share agricultural workers. Non-agricultural industries gave 3.4% of the national income. The share of the agriculture-producing industry was 3.8 times higher than the share of industrial industries. The industry was highly concentrated in the center of the national economy, in the cities of the South and west of the USA. The semi-industrial sector of the economy was 11 times higher than the volume of other industrial sectors. In England, the industrial revolution was more than 10 times stronger than in America.

The economic activity of the market economy in the form of the national economy has fundamentally changed. In the era of the industrial revolution, the individual had to have a means of income, which was income from natural sources: labour and property. In the era of the consumer revolution, the means of production of consumer goods provided not only jobs but also all means of subsistence. The result of the revolution was a sharp increase in the number of unemployed people and poor quality of education.

A rapid increase in the ranks of the unemployed people was accompanied by an increase in their willingness to accept lower-class jobs. By the end of the 1980s, in the broad strata of the unemployed, the wages declined to 3.5 times. But the unemployed themselves were not able to avoid this change in the level of wages, although it was possible to slow down the process of descent.