How to write about American Dream essay topics?

How to write about American Dream essay topics?

The American Dream is a topic that is very popular today in the United States. The phenomenon of patriotism is one of the original and beautiful symbols of the United States. Moreover, it is significantly the only one, which, on April 10, is present in the national consciousness of the American people.

The process of patriotism is a very useful training for the soul. The indoctrination of the younger generation is carried out precisely in the system of symbols. The modern state of the United States is the product of the intelligence of the broad masses of the population, their patience and desire to create change, in different places and on all continents.

The process of patriotism is a natural phenomenon. All racially intelligent people are ready to defend themselves and their family. And this is a basis of the state, society or other people’s patriotism.

Disputes about patriotism are most bitter among the different types of it. The idea of patriotism is often so strong that the misconception of patriotism is widespread. Many people begin to believe that the United States is a “special case”. It is not entirely true. The American Dream is a global values, the protection of which is one of the main goals of the US people.

And, above all, the American Dream is a dream of individual material success, the opportunity to create a family and build a house on a common land. The answer to the question of how to achieve it, is entirely in the thoughts of the American Dream.

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Many people are skeptical about the concept of patriotism, many believe that the idea of patriotism is being transferred from ancestors to their descendants without some great changes because that is how every culture and every religion travels through the ocean of time. But, in fact, this concept proves itself under the influence of the most courageous, bold and talented people – from the writers and artists to the elite of society.

You may state in “What is patriotism” essay that, in the most diverse countries of the world, such attitudes toward patriotism are quite understandable. However, in the Western world, they are not considered as positive. In the Anglo-Saxons, for example, it is difficult to believe in patriotism, and this fact is deeply held. One of the main arguments of the United States in the culture of other countries of the world is the indisputable fact that it is not just a way to earn but also a tradition, and the most prestigious among the world’s traditions.

The Great Gatsby of the United States of America demonstrated this idea in the great and untraditional power of the country’s founders. The Dream of America’s progressiveness and potential was unleashed only in the system of social and economic changes that have occurred over the past 15 years. The rate of the American Dream has steadily increased. It is already reaching the peak of the “American Turn” in the global historical consciousness of the modern world.

The thesis of the American Dream is the existence of a vast and fertile land, full of natural resources. The United States is a land of idealists, a country of dreamers where any idea, every dream is worthy of respect if it leads to greater wealth. The society of the United States is the richest one in the world, and its leaders – God, Father, and Mother. They put the needs of the community first.

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In the process of the elimination of feudalism, the United States already differs from the European Union in the position of the strongest economic power. The results of the Anglo-Saxons (1775-1804) were used in the struggle for the abolition of feudal privileges.

However, the Anglo-Saxons did not have a common enemy and were in complete harmony with the democratic system of the United States. The economy proved the right to be called the largest. The British Empire in the battle against the British Empire had the right to any space.

Such fighting for the unification of the new land and the adoption of the draft federal law on the conditions of equal distribution of populations, the opportunity to equalize the result of the labor process in the United States.

The results of the Anglo-Saxons in the environment of the joint activity of the two biggest political parties (the Democrats and the Republicans) were evaluated in the following way: in the democratic state, the position of the leader is more important than the position of the ordinary citizen.

From the standpoint of the relationship between the citizen and the state, the Democratic Party is the strongest ideological party. Given the fact that the party is ideologically oriented, it follows that it is difficult for the average citizen to become a member of the ruling elite.

It’s also worth mentioning in “Who are the true beneficiaries of the American Dream?” essay that the program of the American Dream in its theoretical meaning performs the function of the social and political foundation on which the American civilization was built.