How to write about average wage in the United States?

How to write about average wage in the United States?

The topic of the essay on income inequality is usually conflated with some other topics, and the opportunity to give it a name is clearly stated in the topic of the research. The number of respondents is usually limited to 1-2 dozen.

Recently, the idea of increasing the minimum wage in the USA has been mentioned in the discussions of various political parties. The idea of raising the minimum wage has repeatedly appeared before the large international companies. The correspondents of these people do not object to the idea of increasing the status of the workers and making it harder for them to earn a living. However, they believe that the current system of the education and the social protection is not able to provide a lot of lower class people with a decent salary.

How to start a minimum wage essay?

The essay is a kind of academic paper that has a simple structure and aims to provide the reader with a comprehensive information on the topic. The information presented in the text must be checked in several sources. The issue of the minimum wage is usually described in the form of one or two sentences. There can be several theses in the work, but all they must be logically connected with the main topic.

Each sentence must be related to the main topic and have own proof. It is important to check the the theses introduced in the introduction. If you use quotes in the work, make sure that they are exactly connected to the sentences. If you use text, it must be clear, readable, and contain only information. The theses should be brief and clearly state the opinion of the author.

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It is enough to include a paragraph about the minimum wage in your essay. However, it is not recommended to go to another depth into the details. The essay is focused on the problem, and the drafts should be developed in a framework of the main topic. So, you have to focus on getting the most complete and realistic information for the essay, and then you will be able to write a lot of interesting, fascinating, and accurate text.

The usage of the word “family” in the essay is sometimes considered to be the wisest form of communication. But in fact, this concept is not entirely true. Modern sociologists and psychologists have always at least something to do with the interpretation of the term “family”. It is important to describe the nature of sexual orientation, marital status, moral norms, values, and so on. In America, a whole culture of self-respect, especially towards women, has been formed. The list of qualities that make a family “family” is very interesting.

The first in the family is marriage – the union of a man and a woman concluded in the expectation that the offspring will be created in the lineage of the husband (or in the family of one of the spouses). Sexual orientation is also taken into account. Of course, the number of couples married at once is quite different from the numbers that exist today. But the fundamental value of the marriages is their unique opportunity for the adoption of children.

As social and cultural progress grows, the family becomes a center of attention and is often described as a “social institution” in a social context. Interest in the change in the number of children is often expressed by the researchers as follows: in the 1960s, the notion of family as a “basic” institution was widespread. However, today, the image of family is decidedly different. The complex social and economic state of the world, the dense media screen, the cheap content, the lack of modern contacts make it difficult for family members to establish very deep relationships. The result of the international research is the following: the family is declining in the social hierarchy of family values.

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An important effect is the transformation of the idealistic ideal of the family as a “marriage of good friends” into the ideal of social and economic conditions. The modern family faces many problems at this stage. The decline in the family’s status is observed: the desire for procreation becomes the main motive for marriage, rather than the desire for love, sympathy, and attention.

Marriage evolves bringing to the forefront the importance of matrimony status as a independent value. The transformation of love into the main motive widens the range of moral requirements of the spouses to each other, increases the expectations. The importance of personal, intimate communication based on respect, attention, care, sense of the value of one’s personality increases.

In the modern form, love union is estimated from the standpoint of existential meaning and acts as an intimate connection between spouses. However, this complicates the nature of marital ties, increases the likelihood of psychological collisions which make the couple less strong.

There is a new understanding of the stable relationships with relatives which may be described in a “what family means to me” essay. The family acts as a cultural community – a group of people which is connected by common secrets and mutual service obligations.