How to write about child abuse

How to write about child abuse

Child abuse exists on all socioeconomical and cultural levels — not only children from low-income families suffer from this.

Children can be hurt not only by their parents — actually everyone can be an abuser, parents’ friends, strangers, a maid. If you are thinking about writing a child abuse by maid essay , don’t hesitate — this topic definitely deserves attention.

The system of domestic violence is formed and develops in the family. The first experience of family violence takes place in the family. A culture of intimidation and threat is formed. The first action is a reaction of the family. As a result, the life of victims subjected to cruel treatment is prolonged in misery. The second stage is the transition to the outside world as the victim is not able to see a value in such things as own personality and individuality, and therefore, loses hope for the development of his own personality. At this stage, he seeks to overcome the problem, but the struggle takes place in the family, too. The third stage is the extinction of the victim’s sense of guilt, frustration, and depression of conscience. The fourth stage is the stage of forming a partnership. The fifth stage is the stage of strengthening the relationship. The result of the sixth stage is the transition to the position of the dominant in the family.

If you’re looking for the definition of child abuse, it should be noted that this concept is widely used in the literature. There are many definitions of this concept, and it is necessary to consider one in detail.

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Definition of the concept ’family’

To prove the importance of your abusive relationship essay, it’s worth making a definition of the concept ‘family’. According to the definition, this is a social institution, the closest communication partners are relatives (within reasonable frameworks), so if you write an essay on domestic violence against children, you should make a special effort to define this concept.

The family belongs to special, fundamental groups of society. Recent definitions of this concept are dynamic and include characteristics related to the interval from the legal marriage, to marriage, kinship rights, the equality of roles in the family, and the absence of special social status based on gender, age, religion, and nationality.

Family violence essay should describe topical problems and propose effective solutions. The current legal system of many countries of the world does not take into account the complexity of family relationships. In this regard, the essay about family violence should touch upon the problems of parenting and family formation.

The definition of the concept ‘family’ existing in the literature can be incomplete and contradictory. This word is used in a variety of formulations and may have various meanings, which causes confusion.

Nevertheless, the above definitions of the concept ‘family’ existing in the literature are sufficient to reveal the subject of your essay. Other researchers also should be consulted. The following differences should be mentioned in essays on domestic violence:

  • the extension of the legal concept of family (the third amendment to the basic law in the United States, 1871), in practice, too broad and very deep, covering a substantial part of the known or even past history of the family in the United States, and particularly the period of the creation of the culturally and economically developed whole of the United States (1904-1920). This period can be called the “golden age” in the United States. Theoretically, the term “family” is constructed and defined in the light of the successive socio-political processes of the United States. “Family” is a social institution, the throughputment of the relations between the descendants of a person, the recognition of their individuality and freedom. Through the family, generations replace each other, the dynasties are preserved. Modern researchers study it as a “normally” structured “organism” (a hierarchical system of family values) which ultimately leads to a common human nature, the harmony of the overall socio-psychological development of the individual. Through the family, generations replace each other, the world is saved.
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    On the one hand, the family acts as a social institution, but on the other hand, it is simultaneously an independent social institution. The latter means the formation of a functional unit of the family, the sphere in which personal needs of a person are satisfied. The household is a center of family values. The value of the family is determined by the qualities of the members: discipline, intolerance, attention to own needs, the ability to influence the environment.

    The word “family” is formed in a form of abbreviation of “family”, which is understandable to a person. But, unlike others, the family does not derive value from the population, external values, the desire for good and the ability to influence the world. In a family, the individual fulfills his duties within the framework of domestic legislation and rules, by distributing resources between the members, the exercise of official responsibilities.