How to write about child labour

How to write about child labour

It’s worth mentioning in a how to stop child labour essay that, addressing this problem, governments should not limit their efforts (and many follow this rule) with regard to the application of protective articles of legislation and their commensurate toughening. To reach this goal, a properly planned and organized system of additional urgent, medium-term and long-term measures is needed, depending on the severity and significance of the problem in the country context.

The whole complex of problems associated with the use of child labour can be resolved only on the basis of concerted actions taken by the whole society and aimed at prevention of further exploitation, liberation of kids from heavy and dangerous work, providing alternative sources of income for them and their families.

Preventive measures to combat child labour are least expensive. In many cases, their results are noticed not immediately, which makes them less attractive from the political point of view. In order not to be limited to only only only only only only only medical and educational measures, which is possible to call a “public good”. These could be programs, projects, activities of social groups, sports clubs, various public organizations, etc. In any case, even a simple and understandable program to prevent child labour will be more comprehensive, more flexible, able to cover the gambit between the prevention of teen labour and the application of protective legislation.

The program may include such things as the establishment of a hotline for reporting about cases of exploitation, encouraging people to report about them. However, the most important effect they have is the change in the attitude of officials and the fact that they now believe that the problem is not inevitable. In many countries of the world, the legislation is already focused on the problem of child labour, and only the judiciary can play the important role in fixing it.

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The mechanisms to combat this problem are already at our disposal. The EU countries have established a completely new monitoring mechanism which provides the participation of social, economic and governmental bodies in the prevention of child labour, social protection and promotion of the rights of the child, the establishment of a duty to prevent underage labour, social work with minors, etc. There is a constant battle against this phenomenon which is called “the advertising of the word”.

However, in the eastern European countries, the struggle against this problem is already conducted by the National Socialists. In Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic, and the Scandinavian countries, the number of working kids is 3-4 times higher than the number industrial workers.


As the readers of your descriptive essay on child labour (page) know, the exploitation is a problem in the countries of the Third World countries. Therefore, it is not surprising at all that, especially in such a country as Italy, the international community has sought to unite efforts in preventing and combating this problem. In particular, the International Labour Organization (ILO) conducted the famous “migrant child labour” experiment.

From the director of the company “Passionate” to the founder of the pro-child labour movement, more than 100 thousands of young people were produced. The experiment was aimed at measuring the impact of international child labour, looking at the situation from the viewpoint of a child who was employed in this way.

After the test, the number of suicides among the employed population was relatively high. However, the research paper on child labour did not disclose the exact number of victims. The official data indicated a “higher” number of deaths (830), including suicide, traditional martyrdom, and homicide. According to the interpretation of the data, however, the death data itself is only partially available.

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Like the epidemic of suicides, this phenomenon has long been among the causes of social problems in the United States. The indicator of the impact of adult child labour on the human mind is influenced by the long-term effects of the introduction of supply of child labour (both in the industrial and agricultural sectors) in the expectation that the labour will continue in the future.

After the development of supply, the value of the labour continues to increase. The process is accompanied by an increase in the pressure on working places, an increase in the unskilled and classified unemployment in the process of reducing the value of labour, social and economic distress, conflicts between ruling elites and the working class, the struggle for higher wages, the right to another place in the social hierarchy, etc.

To make a child labour research paper interesting, you may write about its main participant, the role of the economy, social and economic characteristics of the process. The following conditions are observed now: the labour of the employed population is used as the main (core) value. In accordance with the Marx’s theory, each class represents its dominant economic class, which acquires a number of fundamental values: national, domestic and foreign rights, rights to equal treatment of all citizens, justice, and so on.