How to write about children when writing a descriptive essay about their birthday?

How to write about children when writing a descriptive essay about their birthday?

It is noteworthy that in the end of the twentieth century, the idea of a birthday was absent in the minds of many peoples. As a rule, it was associated with the celebration of the birth of the anniversary of the Allied Victory Day. The odd thing is that everyone remembers the victory of the great workers of the world. However, the real picture of the world today is not so evident.

In the public consciousness, the image of a future parent is one of the most important things. Moreover, it is strongly linked with the accomplishments of the younger generations. The image of a future parent is very high. The first contact with the child, the impressions of their development, problems in the family, morality, spirituality, creative way of life, the lack of desire for own promotion were the subject of many perceptions.

The fascination of parents and the desire for own promotion drove children to seek family values. The idealization of the child as a whole began to take place. The image of the parent as a leader, value provider, provider of justice and love was very popularized. Pure and righteous, strong people were portrayed as the best in the world. Such images, together with the devotion of the father to the child, led to the emergence of a new personality in the hearts of the participants.

The image of a young man as a man, along with his openness, intelligence, and independence were so popular that, in the minds of the participants, he could be considered as a negative image. The young man is considered to be the most developed race when it comes to politics and economy.

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The Centro of Labour

The concept of “centro” in the United States is very different from the image of a servant. Therefore, we can’t consider the latter as an example of the “service” of the masses in the approach of modern social studies. The composition of the labor force in the United States is not primarily attractive to the young man.

The work of young men and women is completely free from patriarchal dependence. Nevertheless, the role of the spouse is much more modest and unobtrusive.

Generally, the stereotype of a man as a weak, slacker, and “an average” in the group of highest social roles is characteristic to the collective consciousness of the participants in the process of socialization of the United States.

There are quite certain differences between the idealized image of a man and the normalized image of a woman that are reflected in the collective attitude of the two families. However, the archeological character of the picture of love in the minds of the participants is completely different from the sensual love in the unconscious.

The culturally significant matrimony in the United States is the preeeding of a new ideal of romantic love, which, however, were fundamentally transformed by the emergence of the first romantic love in the middle of the 18th century. The modern perception of love in the modern world is largely built on the terrain of a rational, rational, and highly individualized concept, which makes the transition from an aesthetic to a social phenomenon. The modern family (which existed in the Victorian era and even in the 19th century) represented a heterogeneous mixture of elements of several types, and therefore, it is not an exaggeration to call it “rationally balanced”. The logical connection of the transformations of the ideal into the social phenomenon was mediated by the change in the structure of the so-called “family”, which in the early twentieth century was already formed.

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The following concepts are inextricable in the understanding of the nature of human relationships:

  • social (the social and economic status of certain groups, the opportunity to be elected to the upper strata of society, the possibility of being elected to the House of Representatives, the right to be elected to the Governor of the State of America, etc.
  • The concept of the American Dream, which should be mentioned in “The American Dream and its ideological manifestations” essay, is ultimately a concept of humanistic values, the best hope of mankind for the future. The American Dream is the dream of the indistinguishable and permanent improvement of the material well-being of all, the abolition of inequality, the pursuit of happiness by all means possible, the only real guarantee of freedom and justice. It stands above any ideology, moral judgments, emotions, vanity, the desire for personal achievements.

    An important role in the American Dream is played by the vibrant reaction of the United States to any outside interference in its affairs. The Anglo-Saxons, having gained control over the whole country, especially in the western part, presented themselves as a society focused on the future, the very idea of a new, not a depreciation of values. The main purpose of the Anglo-Saxons was to become a kind of tool for achieving American Dream.