How to write about commitment in a friendship essay?

How to write about commitment in a friendship essay?

This is a touching, emotional category that is especially common for teenagers experiencing a sense of existential pressure. The psychologist and the sociologist Simone Bettelheim identified sixteen types of communication, which may be briefly described in a “What to do about friendship?” essay: demonstrative, affective, therapeutic, analytical, broad-ranging, simple, close to friends, improved, intuitive, tender, emotionally saturated, good-natured. The number of participants can be varied from 7 to 15 people. The scope of interpersonal relationships can be considered inversely limited – from a few to many.

Note in a friendship essay introduction that this work was written to answer the question of how accessible and accessible is friendship for young people. The subject and the problem of friendship, which Bettelheim considered in depth, namely, the concept of true intimacy. Only this knowledge, on the background of other factors influencing the formation of the individual identity, was able to take the form of a functional conception of friendship, which, in turn, led to the emergence of a new language for the inner world of communication.

Leaning on friendship essay topics, you may consider the problem of communication psychology in friendship. As Carl Jung expressed in his book, all that is needed to be aware of the difference between true and false friendships, the ways in which the friends communicate, their activities and motivations. In fact, all this is already detectable, which makes the question of the importance of friendship even more topical.

The researchers found that, in general, in the case of true friendship, the communication is much more common, has a more deep meaning and is often defined by some psychological processes than to the perception of the reality surrounding the person. The true meaning of the word “friend” is more expansive. It includes such aspects as the individual positive identity of the surrounding people, the connection of the individual with other people and the perception of the external world as something that they have a common level of knowledge and values with.

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However, the content of this understanding of friendship is quite subjective. The structural and dynamic nature of interpersonal communication makes it difficult for the subjective perception of the surrounding world. In addition, the true meaning of friendly communication is often not realized only within the framework of the exchange, communication with other people, etc.

The main subject of the analysis of friendship is the internal value of the individual, his harmony with the surrounding world. Subsequently, the internal processes that generate social values and legitimate aspirations, the harmony of interests, and sense of purpose are also under consideration.

According to the authors of the fourth-year essay on friendship, this psychological element is particularly significant for the perception of the world around. As the main subject of social cognition, it is difficult for the person to isolate truly significant, meaningful, constructive, worthwhile, and influential friends from those who do not constitute a circle of friends.

However, if friendship is considered as a social institution, then it is possible to point out that social communication occupies a special place of human activity. As a rule, within the framework of organized non-contact, it is the most important form of communication in the life of every person.

The source of friendship, as a rule, is exclusion, which may be described as the most significant personal value for the individual. To the extent that friends exclude each other and do not form a common, social perception of friends is typical to everyone.

The initial moment of vulnerability of friends is their individuality and individuality. This can be described as the age of friendship, which, for the first time, the individual experiences real feelings and emotions. However, the teenager should be helped by a certain moral message – not the message which is sent to the group, but the individual’s perception of the world around. Courageous speech, a unique appearance, a change in the quality of actions is required for this.

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The formation of the individual in the process of communication can be described as follows. In the process of the exchange of values, the person loses own sense of self-respect, feels arbitrary and way too much dependence on the intermediary. The sense of jealousy replaces the sense of responsibility, fear of competition and indifference.

Thus, the main part of the value of friendship is the individual’s ability to be convinced in the fact that friends are actually around, which enables him to look at the whole world with a new look on the relationship between people.

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The unique protective tool of friendship that distinguishes it from other forms of identification is unshakable faith in love, which helps a person to survive in difficult situations. Throughout the history of mankind, the impulse of jealousy has always existed – especially against the background of increasing tension of internal pressure. In the minds of many people, the image of a friend is one of the most important things in their experiences.