How to write about Donald Trump?

How to write about Donald Trump?

The study of modern American politics and legislation in the wake of the presidential campaign is of great interest to researchers, because, until the beginning of the last century, Washington did not pay attention to schools at all. In the 1930s, one of the politicians described the attitude of authorities to the education: “In a public school, an American is required to learn to read, write, to master the basics of mathematics (counting) and patriotism”.

So it is no surprise that most schools in the country could teach nothing more than patriotism. Only in the Northeast of the USA (Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey and partly New York), local authorities paid due attention to free education. It is no coincidence that high-level public schools which may be found in the top ten of the country are situated in this region.

The situation was much worse in the center and south of the country. The local authorities did not have enough money to repair schools, to hire professional teachers. That’s why they taught something and somehow. There was no use in hoping for the help of the educational system in order to achieve high results in life.

Disregard for general education by Washington would continue if there was no technical revolution. In 1981, industry captains complained to President Reagan about the level of education of American students who made the US an outsider in the technology race. “Graduates of public schools, – directors of companies said, – are unable to work in high-tech enterprises.”

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Reagan established a national commission for the evaluation of the educational system in the country. In 1983, it issued a report “Nation at Risk”. The results shocked the country’s leadership and the entire society.

It turned out that the level of education of public school graduates was falling with every year, the results of examinations and standardized tests worsened, and American children were left behind their peers from Japan and Europe in terms of knowledge.

But when it became clear that almost 23 million Americans were not able to write without errors or to solve a simple arithmetical task, did not understand a text, authorities experienced a shock. “The existing system of public schools does not meet the demands of society and time. If some hostile state tried to impose such an educational system on others, it could wrecking the educational process and its development. It is much more important to show the example of how to solve complex tasks for students.”

This problem was solved by the American Educational Council, which brought together the work of test specialists, educators, parents, and other officials.

As a result, the American educational system received serious criticism from the community. Then it began a victorious procession throughout the rest of the world.

This picture should be enough to make “Why standardized testing is bad?” essay. The important thing to add to this information is a data on the results of the first tests. The US researchers wanted to take the 20th place in the world in the education process, but just reached the first place. The other thing is that the country did not spend enough money on the preparation of tests. After all, it is very important to understand the desires of the illiteracy critics.

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Then the press reported that, in 1986, a law was passed that required teachers to test the ability to pass exams. The press interpreted it in the sense of the word, meaning that special tests are a kind of alternative to the usual tests. The special tests were designed to check the competence of the students, to show their creative abilities, as well as the presence of the only inalienable right – the right to prepare a public examination.

The tests were so popular that, in some countries, the day before the election, the qualification of an examiner was required only to have a certificate of test results. So, the self-made test is a kind of alternative to the educational coursework. You may push forward the following proposal in an advantages of child labour essay: the test should be designed in such a way that the public can see how much knowledge the tested individual has, and, most importantly, how well a chosen major corresponds to its goals.

The time of the test was coming close to the close finish of the school year. Then the word came out to the recreational level. The education system began a path of new career opportunities for the members of the test team.

Test services began a victorious procession throughout the country. The first order of test paper writing services was placed just before the commencement of the testing. There was a very high drop in the birth rate due to the great participation of the test lovers.

Experienced teachers and teachers told the test directors what to do with the money that suddenly might be enough to enable some to defend an academic project.

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The most important effect that easily accessible, concurrent with the decline in the number of people has been produced. As a result, well-educated members of the test audience begin to play the role of the intellectual leaders, otherwise using the test method.