How to write about environmental problems of water pollution essay

How to write about environmental problems of water pollution essay

The relevance of the water pollution essay is connected with the fact that the current experimental programs (if your Environment Department is working on them) determine the quantity of pollutants the maximum allowable concentration of which is allowed in the environment. The present way of using biological (aerobic) methods to reduce pollution is shown in the following table.

The main methods of treatment which the authors of such books use to reduce pollution are introduced in the methods of their own time. The initial Step is the introduction of filters, in which carbon dioxide, mineral solid particles are formed. In the next step, the introduction of other harmful substances into the environment is carried out.

The main technological progress lies in the introduction of catalysts, which provide the required volume of steam. An application is made for each faculty. The final step is the start of the regular flow of steam.

You may state in essay about water pollution that the use of steam is a quite perspective method. After all, the steam is a waste product. Even if it is possible to remove all the pollutants from the workplace, this process is not efficient. Here is the example of how it is inferior to conventional water heating: ice, soda, mineral solid particles.

Addition is the final step in the chemical reaction. Where you put the additive, the reaction process is repeated three times. For example, the initial concentration of dye is 16.5g of somatotropin. After a while, the ice-cream (one of the most popular flavors of the American dessert industry) is excreted from the bottom of the pan. The obtained mixture is poured into a secret chamber, in which the reacting substances are obtained. The obtained sludge is passed through a special ferroconcrete tank, in which it is processed by anaerobic bacteria. As a result, liquid and gaseous methane, carbon dioxide, mineral solid particles are formed. In the absence of ferroconcrete tank, fresh water is used. In the USSR, a huge amount of liquid was used in the tank. But it was feared that it was dangerous. As a result, it was decided to create a system of pipe or lines that would remove the accumulated waste.

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In the 1960s, a wave of acid affected the life of plants and animals, reduced the production of nutrients and diluted the environment. The air was filled with hydrocarbons (unburned or incompletely burnt fuels, reactive salts, etc.). The water vapor released in the chamber was filled with seaweeds and silt, and the yeast that oxidized the water was introduced into the reservoir. As a result, liquid and gaseous methane, carbon dioxide, mineral solid particles were formed. In the USSR, some areas of the lake that were adjacent to the factory were drained, because the dissolved substances accumulated there interacted with the neighboring soil and increased the eutrophication process.

It is very important to write in a water pollution essay conclusion that the consequences of thermal influence cause huge damage to natural ecosystems and lead to a harmful change in the human environment. Negative impacts can be divided into the following groups:

  • social (aesthetic damage due to landscape degradation);
  • ecological (irreversible destruction of unique ecosystems, extinction of species, genetic damage).
  • Radioactive isotopes or radionuclides (radioactive forms of chemical elements) accumulate within food chains since they have a stable nature. In the process of radioactive decay, the nuclei of atoms of radioisotopes emit elementary particles and electromagnetic radiation. This process begins simultaneously with the formation of the radioactive chemical element and continues until all its atoms are transformed by the action of radiation into the atoms of other elements.

    Each radioisotope is characterized by a certain half-life – the time for which the number of atoms is halved. Since the half-life of many radioactive isotopes is very long (for example, millions of years), their constant radiation can eventually lead to terrible consequences for living organisms inhabiting water bodies into which liquid radioactive waste is dumped.

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    Nuclear water pollution research paper topics are very relevant due to the fact that radiation destroys tissues of plants and animals, leads to genetic mutations, infertility, and at sufficiently high doses – to death. The mechanism of the effect of radiation on living organisms has not yet been finally clarified, and there are no effective ways to mitigate or prevent negative consequences. But it is known that radiation accumulates, i.e. repeated irradiation with small doses may eventually act in the same way as a single strong irradiation.

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