How to write about family values

How to write about family values

Throughout life, each person has to communicate with other people. Communication occupies place of one of the basic human needs. This is an information and physical interaction in the process of which interpersonal relationships are formed.

When people interact with each other, their personal qualities manifest themselves. The interpersonal relationships are being developed. The most important feature of interpersonal relationships is their emotional background. This means that, the interaction with the estranged spouse may have some harmful consequences. Moreover, the evaluation of the other person by the internal reliability index is carried out.

  • The evaluation of the external environment (the surround of people) is carried out in the framework of the internal emotional-volitional system which requires the objective evaluation of the associated with the results of the interpersonal interaction.

    Unexpectedly, the value of the word “family” can be underestimated. In fact, this concept is much more modest than the concept “family” itself. The fact is that family is a small social group, the most important form of personal life organization based on a conjugal union and kinship ties, contacts between spouses and children, contributions to the general welfare in the event of sickness and old age, and so on. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the dynasties are preserved. Modern researchers study it as a sphere in which personal needs of a person are satisfied most naturally.

    The family acts as a cultural community – a group of people which is connected by a certain unity of life priorities, ideas, relationships with society. Since the main value is the reproduction of the population, the natural selection of the members of the family has become the norm. In accordance with this requirement, the reproduction of the population is stimulated by the high productivity of family resources, information and ability to generate wealth only for the benefit of the individual.

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    Religious circles criticized Malthus from the other point of view. The Church believed that any artificial restriction of fertility (contraception, abortion, sterilization, etc.) is the interference in the affairs of the Lord.

    It is interesting to mention in an essay about population problem that Malthus was constantly credited with views against which he was openly speaking. Intellectuals familiar with the works of scientist, for some reason, creatively reprocessed what they read. Here is the example. In the famous novel “Brave New World” (1932), Aldous Huxley described a sterile future, in which the demographic problem, in fact, is absent. Members of pre-planned castes grow in giant incubators. Family, as a social institution, is absent.

    Biological instincts are suppressed and sublimated, in particular, by method of contraception called “Malthusian belt”. As a result, it seems that Malthus was a supporter of contraceptive birth control. Meanwhile, it is enough to turn to his writings to understand that these methods have nothing to do with his theories.

    In the mid-60s of the 20th century, mankind first thought about the problem of overpopulation of the Earth and depletion of resources. Most research paper examples about population control include the information about so-called “Club of Rome” – the community of the world’s largest businessmen, politicians, and public figures, united by the idea of preserving the natural environment on the Earth.

    This organization was the initiator of the large-scale research and finding ways out of the crisis. The activities of the “Club of Rome” led to the emergence of whole scientific concepts related to the problem of population management, forecasting, and planning.

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    In many aspects, the explanation and ways out of the current situation proposed by modern scientists coincide with the opinion of Malthus. But now, being free of religious doctrine, researchers boldly offer methods that were completely denied by both the church and Malthus himself.

    In terms of the origins of the problem of overpopulation, Malthus and contemporary researchers coincide. People are eager to reproduce the genus. You may describe in a “Relationship between national wealth and population health” essay that, with the improvement of quality and conditions of life, at first, the death rate falls quickly enough. With a cardinal and consistently high improvement in life, the birth rate gradually declines. Most importantly, this process is rather long and the time gap between the onset of a drop in mortality and the onset of a fall in the birth rate can take decades.

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