How to write about family values?

How to write about family values?

The relevance of the “what causes a family to have close relationships” essay is connected with the fact that the problem of family, which, however, are rarely discussed in the modern literature, is of great importance for the society. The scientific community is actively seeking an answer to the question: why, in each separate case, do families have short-term and long-term relationships?

Essays on family are very popular today in the shape of which is the character of the author. In the context of the crisis of family values, it is also necessary to consider the changing role of the family as one of the functions of society.

The change in the function of the family is manifested, in particular, in the transformation of the parental function: the desire for attention to the children becomes the quality of the relationship. The value of the personal role of the spouse changes significantly. In society, the image of the husband is moderately higher.

The transformation of the traditional family (as a rule, attachment to the marriage contract) is accompanied by a change in the value system of some families. The hierarchy of values often has a dramatic impact on family values. The society establishes new norms, requirements, norms, regulations. These changes can be transmitted through the moral norms, duties and even work schedules of specific partners.

The degree of family stability is determined, in accordance with the research of researchers, by the degree of the harmony of the function, in the dynasties of families, and the degree of the already expressed role relations. However, the researchers made the following conclusions: in the modern form, the family is a “fixed” institution. Its functions are different from those of the surrounding society: in terms of the image of the mommy, the love, etc.

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Since the family is a relatively small social institution, it has certain functions. All they give the opportunity to examine the functions, goals and psychological content of each family member and the relationship between them, the dynamics of relations between young spouses and children, etc.

The family acts as a cultural community, a cell of society where different people, ideas, relationships between people are manifested, analyzed and preserved. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the dynasties are preserved. Modern researchers study it as a “social institution” in the basis of which different cultures and ideas are carried out.

Through the family, generations replace each other, the dynamics of the relationships between neighbors and friends. Familial values are advanced. The suggestion of possible and valid relationships based on the mutual benefit of parties is addressed by the philosopher Michel Foucault in his work Еhe History of Family, Battle of Love, and Other Sexualities, which, however, were regarded as axiomatic. In modern consciousness, the image of a partner is much closer to the ideal created by the imagination of the woman than to the image of the man that the partner has in his own character.

Foucault also should be mentioned in a parents and marriage essay. However, his work should be even more detailed. Take into account the differences between his and contemporary family activity: the decorations in his and the behavior of the children in his. The difference is due to the difference in the objective conditions of the spouses. In contemporary families, there is a pronounced vacation principle, which, in principle, does not apply in any other type of relationships. The woman accepts payment in the form of interest if the man pays all expenses and gives up the share of expenses that are associated with household activities, with the exception of debts, perquests, wills and so on.

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Young people demand to be recognized in society, which is included in the formation of the attitude towards the partner in the family. In the attitude towards the partner is more important than the attitude of the individual to the family as a whole. Accordingly, the qualities of the marriage constitute a more important part of the personality of the young couple.

Psychologists believe that the main value of the marriage is the sense of the closeness of the spouses that gives them a feeling of acceptance and self-respect. Simply put, the closest interaction of spouses is believed to be the most valuable thing. Such perception is often supported by the emotional attachment and emotional support, mutual service and love – just like a mother and a child.

However, the value of this type of relationships is only partially, and, moreover, only among the main values of couples. All other factors, including the gender, are of lesser importance.

Summarizing the above, we can say that the values of partners are formed and develop by the interaction of the couple in the context of the everyday need and desires of the spouses to be in the relationship at least temporarily while carrying out specific actions that are observable (such as childbearing and primary socialization of children). Such values, like the country of residence, the religion, or race, whether the spouses are believers or not, their orientation is not important.