How to write about family values essay?

How to write about family values essay?

The essay is a literary work of small volume whose purpose is to express the thoughts of the author on a particular issue. It is worth explaining how the family is created by marriage.

In the context of the essay, it is necessary to describe the basic concepts and contradictions of the phenomenon, to consider the changing functions of the family, its attitude towards children and other social institutions.

The family acts as a cultural community, a unit of society where the informational provision of the social behavior of the individual is born and formed. Through the family, generations replace each other, the dynasties are preserved. Modern researchers study it as a sphere in which personal needs of a person are satisfied most naturally.

As a social institution, the family is a joint organization of marriage, sexual relations, parental responsibilities, and the interaction of children and parents. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the dynasties are preserved.

During the childhood, parents and children as a rule, as well as adult children, are the main recipients of social protection. As the children are a part of their parents’ groups, so they are in the best position economically, are the most protected. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the pattern of kinship dissolution is maintained.

As the child is a spare time of the day, it is the source of his most important cultural values, which are expressed in the family’s code of values. Through the codes of family, generations replace each other, the highest and the most important value of the family is preserved: paternal and maternal values, love and fondness, the ability to forgive and let go, the hope for good to others, etc.

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The peculiarity of the code of kinship is the similarity between the system of kinship and the system of marriage. Let us explain what this means. The values of kinship are identical – they are a kind of alternative to the values of marriage. The values of couples are different – they are determined by the position of the individual in the scale of family values.

The position of the older family is determined by the position of the individual in the scale of family values, by his self-determination and independence. Thus, the death of the old family is not a tragedy and a catastrophe but a normal occurrence. The values of people are normal and desirable for the youngest generation.

Here is one more interesting fact for family essay: in modern families, there is a myth of the “closed” communication of spouses having intellectual values higher than the value of communication in the spirit of reciprocal service. Supposedly, when a husband loses his own value, he may be ready to commit an intellectual sacrifice. However, if the child is born out of wedlock, he can’t be reduced to the status of a “closed” personality. He is a human personality endowed with the natural desire to serve his neighbor, surrounding world and virtue.

If you need to write essays on family values, it is better to start with the misconceptions and injustices of the world’s dynamic and unstable nature. The family is often depicted as a social institution in the family. However, the reality is quite different from the perception of it by the people of the Eastern literature. The same applies to the assessment of the family as a “closed” institution.

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Social activities, individual achievements, conflicts between the husband and wife, acts of courage, struggle for rights – such are the dynamics of family activity in the social relations. Quite often the family is associated with a period of instability: the crisis of the family, changes in the value system of the couple, difficulties in resolving the problems of the marriage.

There is a stereotype that the marriage is a “fault” in which the father abdicates his responsibility for the child, the mother loses her only ally, the husband takes on the role of a irresponsible, bankrupt person.

Relations between the spouses are regulated by a set of norms, and the ability to cope with them is considered in the first place.

There are a special status of the spouses belonging to the same marital union. Therefore, the oppression of spouses by each other is quite low, especially compared to the position of husbands – the absolute power and authority of each partner.

Being independent, each of the spouses must respect the traditions of the marriage. Especially since the hierarchy of values often has a gender basis. The need for respect is the basic requirement of the emotional attachment of the individual to the spouse at the moment, which is often called the emotional connection.

The key function of the domestic role in the family is the maintenance of a good name for the spouse, which is the basis of the relationship “I love my wife” to the tangible reality. Perform a “name” attachment, and the common image of the spouses, the image of their desires and needs, the possibility of accessing the appropriate level of resources, equitable distribution of activities, etc.