How to write about family values essay

How to write about family values essay

Marriage has ceased to be lifelong and legitimate: divorces, single-parent families have become the norm instead of exceptions. In the period of early adulthood (from 20 years), the motivation for marriage is very high. Nevertheless, 36% of divorces happen during first 5 years of living together. Unions concluded by spouses under the age of 20 years are terminated in 99.9% of cases.

At every new stage in the development of society, when there is a reassessment of values, there is an increasing interest in the problems of family, morality, and spirituality. At the same time, in the complex conditions of modern life, the family, a unique intermediary between the interests of the individual and human community, found itself in the epicenter of social cataclysms. There is no wonder that a “what causes a family to have close relationships” essay is a fairly popular type of research work.

The transition to market relations and associated apathy, impoverishment of a large part of the world population had a hard impact on the family’s well-being, its educational potential, and stability. These and other social reasons actually led to a crisis of family values. The consequence is the separation of the older and younger generations, a decrease in the birth rate, and the popularization of lonely forms of living.

If marriage, parenthood, kinship constitute basic social relationships, the disintegration of this trinity is observed in our time. The problem is complicated by the fact that the institution of marriage overcomes a transition period. The destruction of old traditional attitudes continues, and new ones have not yet been formed.

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In these conditions, when serious problems in marital relations are imposed on social and economic complications, it is especially difficult to survive for young families. Strengthening of marriage is one of the leading directions in practical psychology. In order to implement assistance to spouses effectively, the psychologist should have a clear understanding of the characteristics of interpersonal and especially marital relationships.

Thus, the stabilizing of marriage sharply requires psychological development, a comprehensive study of all aspects of the formation, development, and functioning of the family, in-depth research of patterns and contradictions in the relationships between young spouses that are almost always rooted in the disparity of the basic values hierarchy.

In connection with the relevance of the above problems, you can formulate the goal of an essay about family relationship.

Information for an essay about the family in modern society

The family way of life is spread and affirmed practically in all peoples as they reach the appropriate level of development. Adhering to it, a person is able to most optimally satisfy his sustainable life-determining needs (from both physical-material and emotional spheres) thereby liberating the maximum of time and vital energy for the spiritual perfection and self-realization.

The main form of the family is marriage – the union of a man and a woman concluded in the established manner and aimed at creating of a strong relationship, the adoption of mutual rights and obligations.

Indicate in a “what is family” essay that this concept is not identical with marriage. The understanding of family is much broader than marital relations. Marriage, as a special social and psychological phenomenon, is within the more general phenomenon of family. Marriage is the personal union of a man and a woman concluded in the framework of mutual responsibility, exploitation and mutual service. Marriage is the methodological basis of the relationship “from above”, the most important aspect of the development of the individual.

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The problem of marriage, as a special social and psychological phenomenon, is ideally represented in the system of social relations: property relations, family services, advice and education for children and their education. All of them are aimed at the improvement of the quality of marital life, the elevation of the personal and professional goals of the spouses.

Statistics show that in the most prosperous countries of the world, the proportion of marital relations between husband and wife is much higher than between them in the poorest countries of the world. In such countries, the idealization of marital relations is exhibited in the higher level of family values, greater socializedness, sisterhood, fatherhood, and friendship. These relationships are maintained by an increase in the number of children – in particular, in the family.

There are laws regulating the family way of life. In many states, a certain role is played by the patriarchal model in the family.

The first thing to notice in the essay about family values is that the value of the spouses is higher than the value of the individual (social and psychological definitions of this concept are often combined and not always expressed in the form of strictly logical concepts). The analogy is the following: in the system of interpersonal relations, the husband is the main character of the family. So, his participation in the family is more important than the image of the spouses that the husband chooses for himself.

The higher the value of the spouse, the more attention the spouse pays to the external features of the partner.