How to write about family values essay

How to write about family values essay

In the modern world, there are many aspects of the family as parents are busy with children and care for a wife. Some believe that a modern family is a “free flow of filial love”,, which explains the emphasis on raising children. Others, in particular, pay attention to the appearance of the kids.

Every teacher has the opposite position regarding the children. They are against bringing them to the school. Let us explain why parents should of their own accord. The reason for this allowance existing is the social custom of adults: in the modern family, there is a rigid division of roles. The first two may be rewarded with a high level of education, while the children have to take a domestic role. Let us explain what this means. The child is a step from the birth. It is his right to everything. Therefore, the upbringing of a child is extremely important for the upbringing of a human.

The personifying of the child is highly important. The exaggeration of his relations with other people and the ability to influence the feelings of people around, the ability to make the people around his’s own life are the basic values of the family. The image of a man is especially attractive to the children. As a rule, in the minds of the adults, he is much stronger, more dominant than a woman and especially, unlike a man, is perceived as a kind of socialization of the individual.

The traditional perception of a man as a man still exists in our society. However, it is difficult for modern people to understand the appropriate perception of a woman as a human. As a rule, the perception of a woman is much stronger than the perception of a man. In the framework of traditional perceptions, the man is more dominant than a woman and is inclined to impose on others the same views and judgments concerning a wide range of phenomena.

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In the family, he is perceived as a caretaker of a family. The modern perception of a man as a mother, father, a husband, a probability of having children, a desire for having own offsprings, the aspiration for constant recognition of himself, and the fear of losing respect for society, especially among women.

In the modern perception of a man, there is a common trend which might be described in essays about family values: in the past, the image of a man was much more flexible in relation to the situation, and the range of interpretations of the concept of love, especially within the framework of marriage.

Marriage has ceased to be lifelong and legitimate: divorces, single-parent families have become the norm instead of exceptions. In the period of early adulthood (from 20 years), the motivation for marriage is very high. Nevertheless, 36% of divorces happen during first 5 years of living together. Unions concluded by spouses under the age of 20 years are terminated in 99.9% of cases.

At every new stage in the development of society, when there is a reassessment of values, there is an increasing interest in the problems of family, morality, and spirituality. At the same time, the complex process of values consolidation and adaptation is observed. As a result, the problem of family, marriage, motherhood and childhood is increasingly addressed in public, in the media, by scholars, while the study of marital relations is being developed.

The family acts as a cultural community, a group of people which is connected by a certain unity of life priorities, ideas, relationships with society. Since the main value is the psychological need for the provision of the basic needs of the individual, the manipulation of family resources is aimed at increasing the number of people connected with the problem.

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Based on the results of a comprehensive study of the family as a social institution, the following conclusions were made in a research paper about family values: in the framework of the study of the most popular attitudes towards the assignment, the use of child labour (as the most appropriate definition) and the evaluation of the development of a family (its lower and intermediate stages).

The existence of separate and meaningful concepts of the term “family” existing in different cultures and different epochs does not lend itself to precise definition. In the context of the study of modern families, there are special concepts of family (hastily, short-term, single-parent families, family relationships, child labour, domestic work, technical support, and child labour, the number of children and adolescents involved in forced sexual activity, the consequences of adolescent alcoholism, and other social factors. The uniqueness of these concepts is also the purpose of the relevance of the family as a social institution.

Summing up, it should be noted in essays on family that the research work of the present time is based on the large number of tasks that have been successfully completed in the last half of the twentieth century.