How to write about freedom of speech and censorship

How to write about freedom of speech and censorship

This article highlights a topic that seems to be a truly relevant and still unsolved problem for many states. We are talking about important and inalienable right which determines the degree of openness, humanization and democracy of the society. Continue to read and find out how to write quality freedom of speech argumentative essay.

This issue is not accidental. Now, in the period of large-scale transformations and constant changes of events, the question of how fully the guaranteed and really existing freedom of speech, press and other mass media is implemented in the world is often scandal, being a necessary link in the achievement of the citizen’s political rights.

The constitution of different countries proclaims them to be legal and democratic states, which implies the existence of guaranteed and really existing freedoms. Their recognition and protection are considered to be the main and determining criterion of the legal nature of legislation and practice of its application. Freedom of speech occupies a special place as one of the most important constitutional human rights.

Defending the idea of its primacy, the French Enlightener Voltaire wrote that people have no freedom without right to express their thoughts. Now, freedom of speech which stayed in oblivion for a long time tends to rise again to the Voltaire’s level. People speak about it after a long silence.

Countries claiming to be constitutional states recognize this right and guarantee its direct effect by legal acts. But how real are these guarantees? This question predetermined most of freedom of speech essay topics. Experienced lawyers and not indifferent students seek to reveal the relationship between theory and practice in the field of legal regulation, to determine how fully the norms of law are being implemented in this area.

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If you want to write a detailed censorship persuasive essay, it is better to start considering the issue from those times when such freedoms have just begun to develop.

Historical overview for freedom of speech essay

The problem of human rights arose during the development of society in the 17-18s. In general, the non-freedom is extremely interesting topic. If we consider the slave-owning society, lack of freedom was the direct economic and administrative dependence of the slave on the slaveholder. But the other rights of the slave were not determined. The free man was free to the extent that he was not someone’s property.

Church censorship

Mention in the censorship essay that the problem of access to information and control over it began to become relevant with the collapse of the slave society and growth of the movement against the tyranny of the Roman emperors, which found a complete parallel in the activity of the Christian church. In a modern language, people of those times tried to establish social justice.

At the very first cathedrals, it became clear that a new ideology required the protection of Christian ideas from their false interpretation. Already in the 3rd century, a list of forbidden books was compiled. According to the church hierarchs, they stated the teachings of Christ incorrectly. The Church carried out noble activities at that time, defended the poor, destitute and oppressed people.

However, the Church did not spend its energy on struggle against censorship. In a democratic state, there is a rule of freedom of speech. And here we see a contradiction which can be regarded as the most profound manifestation of the principle of culture vs. religion.

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The Church carries out noble activities, sets high priests and bishops, conducts democratic rituals. However, its activity is so concentrated that its influence on an official level is extremely acute. The Church effectively implements the rule of law prohibiting persons who are guilty of a crime or are of untraditional orientation.

Unlike the cult of force which arose in the minority groups of the population, the ideology of the middle class consists of compromises with other social institutions, the creation of a middle class in the framework of the established rules.

This category should be singled out in your income inequality and happiness essay. The middle class is a social institution in the process of the elimination of the main economic differences between groups, the practice and beliefs of particular groups, the interaction of representatives of these groups, their role in the social struggle, etc.

Analyzing the social position of the middle class, its role in the social process is to try to understand the real content of the ideal created by the society, the dynamics of the social transformation process. In real life, there can be both successes and failures, and it does not matter which outcome the latter wants. If a person can achieve his goals only in the process of breaking away from ego, then, in any case, the society will get the best result.

The concept of the middle class for economic inequality essay

The theoretical definition of this concept is capitalizing the following aspects:

  • relative stability of the middle class;
  • relative stability of the world population;
  • sustainable economic growth;