How to write about freedom of speech and censorship

How to write about freedom of speech and censorship

This article is about freedom of speech which is generally accepted in democratic countries, but still not every one talks about it. People speak about slavery, national oppression, corruption, and other instances of injustice. Now, all these words are buzzwords to the vast majority of people.

Nevertheless, the word “freedom of speech” still means freedom of speech, the absence of censorship, censorship, interference in the private life of citizens. Of course, these are not specific legal aspects. But this concept is so widely used that it is difficult to imagine how differently the things are perceived by different groups of people.

As a rule, in the Western countries, there is a line between normal, polite discourse and formal, strict moral requirements. Now, when a waiter speaks in public, he may be sure that he will be listened to. The same thing happens when speakers talk to an audience.

The reason for the interest in the word is the fact that, in some countries, there are laws that establish the duty to obey certain rules. In other cases, the behavior of officials is regulated by law. And the rule about the behavior of officials is established by the social customs and norms of behavior.

The essence of the word “frostbite” is also being subtletied. As a rule, it means the injury of other people, plants, animals, or plants. There are many different interpretations of the concept of frostbite, and most of them have nothing to do with the present concept of human rights.

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Such a variety of expressions of “frostbite” is connected with the activities of English and French philosophers: Hobbes, Locke, Montesquieu, Rousseau, Diderot and others. They put forward a number of important thoughts that changed the idea of what the world should be like.

For example, the concept of civil society appeared. The division of powers into administrative, governmental, legislative and judicial was proposed by Montesquieu. And within the framework of these philosophical doctrines, a new understanding of human has emerged. So, this significant period should be mentioned in your freedom of speech and censorship essay.

In England, where a great compromise, the “glorious revolution” occurred in 1688, human rights were respected. But people are still not citizens in England. They are subjects of Her Majesty. They are very free but not absolutely because must recognize the authority of the Queen at least formally.

The Labor Party, one of the leading political forces in Britain, considers it necessary to eliminate the institution of the kingdom. But it deepened into an imperious machine so much that became a kind of guarantee against the appearance of some unconstitutional formations, for example, dictatorships.

The monarch is the supreme authority who sanctifies the constitutional system and protects it. Write in freedom of speech term paper that monarchy does not mean the restriction of human freedoms. It assumes a developed democratic system: an elected parliament, a government accountable to it and an independent court. However, formally all this is not brought to the end.

First government document about human rights

Most consistently, these issues were resolved in the United States of America and in France. During the French Revolution in 1789, the Declaration of the Rights of the Man and of the Citizen was adopted. You may mention in censorship and freedom of speech essay that, of course, these rights were formulated earlier by an English philosopher Thomas Paine and some other activists. But Constitution of France was the first government document which prescribed them. The revolution of 1789 entailed a lot of costs. This is quite rightly written and said by many historians. But any country that seeks to be democratic should create own declaration of human rights and citizenship.

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Somewhat later, amendments to the Constitution were adopted in the United States. The first of them stated that the Congress can’t interfere in the activities of the church and the press, can’t issue laws regulating the religion and the citizen’s opinion.

Several very important conclusions were made at that time. List the following achievements in the essay on the First Amendment freedom of speech: religious tolerance, the absence of state church and free activities of religious movements. Religion was not just separated. It appeared outside the state, just like the access to information. In this sense, free press became the most important postulate of American democracy and state development.

And if there are press restrictions, they turn into economic difficulties. The fact is that the press, like the church, can’t exist outside certain economic transactions. It is necessary to maintain the buildings of temples, conduct some kind of economic activity. All newspapers must sell their copies, buy paper and ink. In other words, these institutions are not only centers of religion or information sources but also economic agents. And in this sense their activity is regulated by economic legislation allowing to take some measures on the part of the state.

But these actions can’t concern the content of the press.