How to write about friendship?

How to write about friendship?

Despite the modern cult of self-improvement, the art of friendship remains in demand. And, of course, in each separate part of the work, the subject and the object of his interaction is the same. There is always someone to rely on.

High schoolers are accustomed to the fact that everything has to be changed and expanded from the beginning. In order to become a real leader, they will have to think through a system of interpersonal relationships, ways to improve and develop them.


In many respects, internal qualities (such as arrogance, overestimated self-conceit, easily vulnerable ambition) are characteristic for teenagers. The higher the self-esteem of a man, the more prone he is to boasting, exhibiting the outwardly negative role of a person.

The form of friendship, which is called Ego, is precisely in the middle of the emotional development of the individual. Its primary function is to demonstrate the most positive aspects of interpersonal relations, their idealization.

Poor quality of relationship between spouses often leads to the fact that the friend does not respect the internal values of the partner, each of them has own inner world. The friend is an independent person, and the failure in friendship is the result of a lack of communication between the friend and the partner.

How to write on friendship essay topics?

Despite the modern cult of self-improvement and the high social status of friendship, many students do not know how to write an essay on friendship. The fact is that, in ordinary life, communication is not always as smooth as desired. We often want to fix the problems in interpersonal relations. But this process is not always smooth and pleasant. Emotions still exist in the hearts of the participants. The ability to express and express feelings is quite important for the individual.

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The thing is that, in most cases, communication with friends and loved ones does not take the form of intercourse. We often imagine imaginary friends. But the imaginary nature of some kinds of contact, such as friendship, father-daughter or love-on-kindle, does not give rise to such socially significant feelings as friendship, affection, and respect.

Perhaps, the observation of a significant moment in the life of close people is accompanied by a great feeling of jealousy. Since the presence of an object of criticism, the feeling of jealousy is quite visible. The difference is not in the objective characteristics of the friend but in the fact that such people are able to share their own feelings.

Apart from the most obvious and simple abstract ideas, we can talk about the important and difficult question of friendship in social networks and share our experience with others. As a rule, such topics are chosen by students of educational institutions,. A wider and deeper the knowledge of friendship, the more interesting it is to search for answers to the question of how to build a friendship when there is no place for real feelings.

But despite the interest in the insight of friendship, the majority of the people ask “do my friendship essay” not finding it difficult to understand. The quiz is designed for success in business and social life. So, what’s the main thing that I need to know?

The essence of friendship is mutual service and support for each other which arises under the condition of common values.

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True friendship, which is manifested in the collective activity of two or more personalities, consists of elements of the highest quality which is communicated by each of them. The subjective quality of this communication and the ways in which it (communicative) fulfills the given task, are examined in the psychological/social parameters.

The scale of this function is always at least somewhat higher than the level of the subjective value of the individual. The communication with others is usually conducted at the highest level of the individual’s self-esteem and the ability to receive high marks without criticism from the teacher.

Communication with others is usually preceded by some kind of activity: pleasant interactions, games, interesting hobbies, etc. In the future, the gamer may receive an academic paper which also will be focused on.

The most important feature of this type of relationship is the anonymity of the person communicating with others. The external, physical nature of communication is largely determined by the degree of its selectivity, openness, emotionally saturated. The more interesting the content of communication is, the more questions are examined in the science of friendship.

The study of interpersonal communication for friendship essay is based on the research of “sixteen” personalities. The behavior of participants in communication is studied. Socio-psychological, psychoanalytic, and associated with their lives is assessed. Intimate-group friendship is one of the most common and spontaneous variables. It is understood as a kind of joint pastime. The videogame is a kind of what the person experiences in a group of people without the external influence of a teacher or a employer.

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The sixth personality is characterized by low vulnerability to stress.