How to write about friendship?

How to write about friendship?

It is fair to say that everyone can start from a friendship essay introduction in the main part of their life. However, it is important to note that every kind of friendship has its own characteristics and a certain organization.

Advantages of friendship

  • Even in the critical situations, it is worth saying that friendship is similar to love in its essence. Psychiatrists claim that those who focus their own desires on the objective reality and have a relatively stable and healthy lifestyle are usually the happiest. Individuals with an external locus of control believe that their desires are directed primarily at others.

    However, if friendship is not your purpose, it is not worthwhile to bother others. Friends are not the main value for the individual.

    There are cases when people have an idea of friendship with whom they have to communicate, but their feelings are not realized. When such ideas are common, they can count on others. But not everyone can afford such a treatment. The external eye of the person is the most important element of the interaction. To the extent that the external locus of control overcomes the internal locus, is the subjective perception of the external factors: the thoughts and feelings of the individual.

    If interpersonal relations are highly valued in your community, it may be difficult for you to interest others. Friendship seems to be something usual for some attachment. Adolescents often experience a sense of loneliness and exclusiveness when classmates accuse them of being the best friends. Adolescents feel guilty, embarrassed or invisible, and this way, the social world and the internet often take over them. The sense of loneliness is often so strong that the impulse of jealousy produces the desire to isolate oneself. Such circumstances often lead to the development of quite serious psycho-emotional overloads with the transition of the individual into the role of an adult, even in the multinational interaction of personalities.

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    However, if interpersonal relations are not normal, there may be some difficulties. Two adolescents, a boy and a girl, can’t sleep at night and worry about future affairs. Although such problems are associated with the need to make money, such young people can’t do anything alone.

    So, according to psychological sociological research, the characteristic features of interpersonal relations are predominately external, intra-group and communal.

    Despite the fact that the range of social roles is rather wide, nobody is able to classify all of them. There is also no consensus on the psychological functions of friendship.

    Perhaps, in the end, you will be able to tell about friendship as a kind of international relationship, which involves various aspects of life, the history of friendship, socialization of kids.

    How to write essays about friendship?

    As a rule, academic papers are written according to the abstract idea of the project. The main part (20-60 pages) should be devoted to the analysis of the available data, formulation of some idea, endorsement or recommendation of the expressed opinion.

    A model of the essay can be a set of interrelated and self-disclosed ideas, statements that should be reasoned, acceptable, written for the benefit of the idea, utilizing the words of other people.

    We recommend you to analyze the incoming and outgoing communication, as well as any other kind of interaction processes, such as business, educational, academic, household, spiritual, or parental functions. What ideas are shared by people who talk to each other? How do they stimulate creativity?

    We will analyze a large number of samples to talk about the ways in which different people understand friendship.

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    A big structure of the essay is the introduction which describes the relevance of the problem, the idea that is reflected in the work. In such texts, the author usually describes the range of opinions, but the following description should be the most significant one, considering the topic.

    Initial ideas for the essay

    It is quite necessary to start with the idea of friendship in the student’s own words. You can describe several types:

  • Limited concept, in which the author presents the topic and the phenomenon under consideration.
  • Typical concept, in which the author presents the subject or phenomenon as a whole within the framework of a certain academic genre.