How to write about friendship?

How to write about friendship?

Despite the modern cult of self-made friendship, the art of friendship is far from being subordinated to any material basis. Even in modern society, some people do not distrust friends and even consider them to be enemies, recognizing this principle.

Certainly, many aspects of communication with friends are individual, including some socializing. But this does not mean that you will not have to make some effort to communicate with them. Friendship is a just like a warm cup of your favorite coffee. So, as soon as you start talking to a friend, you will feel a cup of your favorite coffee is your lucky star.

Regardless of the level of communication with a friend, you should not consider them as an object of pure love. This understanding will allow you to understand how these people will react to your lame questions about friendship.

For example, if I ask you to describe a moment when you have met your friend and what this moment means to you, it is important to compose an interesting text and tell about some events that happened to you. For example, you can state that you were playing played in a sandbox in kindergarten and explain how an artist from a creative future won a scholarship because of their ability to draw small pictures.

How to write about friendship in a friendship essay?

Since this essay type focuses on controversial issues, let’s talk more in detail about how to write it. As mentioned above, even the most positive characteristic of a friend is not enough to make it happy. You need to tell about some negative aspects which may be considered as the cause of some positive aspects.

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  • Love is often understood as long as it is unfiltered, not only between the people, but also between oneself and others. Despite the fact that this concept is often used to describe romantic love in fiction, it is not interchangeable with notion of friendship. Even if such notions are close to us, we should not be too optimistic. If a person is able to look at themselves critically and appreciate the attention of others, such traits as honesty, loyalty, and responsibility will play a far not the best in their personalities.
  • So, we can give the following definition of friendship: it is a special form of interpersonal interactions which is characterized by individual-selective attitude, mutual activity and mutual expectations. Friends are such concepts as life partners, family members, flowers, and so on.

    The psychology of friendship, which emerged in the late XIX century, as well as other human sciences, initially (and until the middle of the 20th century) considered questions of a general nature: what is the source of friendship, how do its rational and emotional components correlate, and what maintains the relationship that was once developed?

    Researchers of this period collected great empirical material illustrating how people (mostly children and adolescents) understand friendship and choose friends. But the interpretation of the data mostly did not go beyond the framework of the ideas of ordinary consciousness and did not link with any special psychological theories.

    It’s important to describe the analytical period of psychology in friendship definition essay. It was formed in the late 50’s and early 60’s of the 20th century. During this period, a person was introduced to the psychological aspect of communication with the objective reality. Psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychotherapists were interested in the study of the biological basis of friendship, interaction processes, and so on.

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    The late 50’s and early 60’s were marked by the rapid development of new types of interpersonal relationships. The methods of interpersonal communication were used. The power of these methods of communication were demonstrated in the psychic-volitional relationship which, however, were not studied at the end of the twentieth century.

    Although, according to Freud, this method of interpersonal communication is based on the intercourse of personalities, requires deep knowledge of the individual and the creation of an individualized set of relationships. These methods of interpersonal interaction are relatively short-lived. The cornea of the eye does not work in such cases. The vision is much broader and does not allow the person to look at himself truthfully. The person speaks “I will tell you something”, but the communication is not real. The image of “I” only covers the front of the face. The interactions are conducted primarily behind closed doors.

    Psychologically, the idealization of intimate space and the preparation of the ground for psychological attacks if the person is forced to do something unwise, irrational or unethical. There is a danger that the consequent suffering of a person will be interpreted as the first step to his death. That is why it is extremely important to treat the psychological consequences of communication when it occurs.