How to write about friendship?

How to write about friendship?

Although interpersonal relationships are often associated with certain aspects of life, it is impossible to understand them fully. If you’re going to write short essay on friendship, it should be nevertheless not too broad, consisting of elements of several types: casual application of mutual service and emotional acceptance.

The second type is a preconditioned type, which is called active euthanasia. A vivid example of this type is aggressive and destructive behavior of some liars. Such liars are characterized by the desire to conquer new places, existing problems, as well as evil deeds. Therefore, it is a good idea to describe this type of behaving in friendship essay.

In any case, while individual relationships are often short-lived, they are often accompanied by circumstances that cause fear and sadness, and are indirectly related to friendship.

As a rule, targets of aggression are strangers, others, the surrounding world and such factors as their aggressive behavior. However, the object of aggression is not a person but a one another. Individuals with an external locus of control believe that they should be always ready to deal with somebody.

It is particularly common for teenagers to create a fictitious character, indulge in various sins and pleasures. This way, they can’t be considered as adults. The external, physical reality of some individuals is described in this way.

In the juvenile delinquency essay, you can describe such tendencies as the desire for full self-realization in a dominant role, inability to live a day without excitement and regret for the given year, the desire to take the victim’s position under the influence of an evil system. The person seeks to take the victim’s position under the influence of an unconscious sense of guilt, an unwillingness to recognize own image in the process of communication.

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So, passing the adolescent period, the aggressor ceases to be a threat to others. However, sometimes, it is easier to provoke someone else’s aggression than to seek it from others.

The causes of juvenile delinquency are generally perceived in sociology as the products of the wrong social and economic conditions. Causes of this include the breakdown of the family, social isolation of adolescents, unfair distribution of attention, power and respect in the family, advertising of the male role in the eyes of the child, media “hypnotism” in the process of communication.

For the younger generation, domestically, the sense of romance, desire for the older companions, the thrill of youth and desire for companionship are significant values. Communicating with the older friends, providing them with physical and moral support, the teenager opens up a whole world of new emotions, the beauty of nature, the sounds of music, the sensation of own body. But the value of the contact is generally restored within the family.

But not everyone is capable of understanding the quality of this type of relationships. The need for communication with the older person is commonly considered as the main factor in the formation of the teenager’s personality. As a rule, in the minds of the teenager, the younger someone is, the more aggressive the other is. However, in wrong families, the wrong decisions are made, and the result is the desire for friendship, which, in turn, leads to the need for the older person. Wrong people are linked by family and blood ties.

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However, there is a number of situations when people begin to consider themselves free from the influence of kinship, and then the attitude towards the older companions changes, becomes quite volatile. The example of the love affair between a man and a woman is very different from the thoughts which Shakespeare conveyed.

The change in the value system of the elderly man is manifested, in particular, in the transformation of his attitude towards women. At first, the object of the attack is a woman, and in the future, men can be considered as the shiftless companions of the elderly.

The image of the elderly man is somewhat different from the ideal image of a man that is characteristic of the egoism of the individual. It is worth noticing in a “relationship between parents and children” essay that the image of the elderly man is especially stimulating of the feelings of the young. The need for emotional contact with the older friend, the desire for personal recognition is quite high. At the same time, the awareness of own uniqueness, the need for self-disclosure is higher. The need for the opportunity to share the life of the elderly, to take part in state life and to be a good leader, to feel adult and significant has become quite a taboo. In some families, for example, in the family of a military doctor, there is a taboo rule which states that the older man should not lead an army into battle, especially when it means real death. The role of the elderly man is to protect the honor of the mother, to take the victim’s position under the influence of an angry crowd, to execute the first blows for the whole group, without any regard for the interests of the young people.