How to write about friendship?

How to write about friendship?

Despite the modern cult of friendship, many teenagers still think that friendship is an intimate, individual feeling and communication between willing partners. As a rule, this concept is approximated to a friendship in which the actual coincidence of interests is demonstrated, i.e. the sharing of the available opportunities and resources. Friendly interaction is considered the highest level of cooperation. All interpersonal relationships are intended to deepen the connection between people, because the individual and friend are by no means separate.

The empirical research is correct enough to see that friendship is not a easily distributed phenomenon. It is a socially and emotionally accepted institution, which arises under the influence of many factors: biological, psychological and social. Since the biology of friendship is still to be studied, we can also add that, its norms (the stability of interests and preferences, the ability to make friends, etc.) are fixed in the process of communication.

Theoretical approaches for friendship essay

Considering the theoretical work on friendship essay topics, you should write that, in most cases, such essays are aimed at obtaining an empirical research. The researcher should observe the behavior of fellow students and partners at various stages of communication (not only at the beginning of the acquaintance) and note these differences in judgments about the normalized cohabitation of friends and each of them in the course of the essay.

The following recommendations will help you write a quality essay about friendship:

  • The researcher should check the level of tolerance in the relationship. As a rule, the threshold level is a threshold of tolerance which is determined by the degree of social understanding of the relationship between the object and the friend. In case of communication with others, the value of friendly connections is usually determined by the degree of their responsiveness and individuality (communicative desires and interests, the ability to make friends,
  • The object and the friend is free from any form of ownership, paternal role, spiritual and moral contributions. Friendship is considered as the best form of communication. All concepts of interpersonal interaction, whether it is friendship, parental responsibility, or marriage are used by the youngsters when communicating with friends.
  • Although, according to Freud, in ideal form, friendship should be initially difficult to understand, to reveal, and to present. Only in this case, we can consider it as a society of individuals, not a community of personalities. In other words, the imaginary death and the imaginary funeral are significant, but the real one is not. We do not yet have enough psychological hints to make friends.
  • Independence of the individual in friendship essay. The absence of any central regula, rules, authorities, implied divisions between friends. In other words, the individual is free from the need to separate himself and friends, to be able to accept and to act with them.
  • The absence of emotional communication with friends and the inability of them to explain his actions.
  • Stable emotional support. The support of one person is based on the ability of another person to feel. Thus, the best form of friendship is described by the interpersonal interaction of like-minded people.
  • Profound communication with the other person. The truth of life and the objective reality are reflected in the communication. Through dialogue, the truth of life is conveyed. The individual participates in the activity of the other’s consciousness.
  • Thoughts of the individual and the reflection of the collective consciousness are not contradictory, at the same time, not in the nature of the feelings that are produced by the communication. After all, the messenger is not a physical, material, dignified person. He is a collective “thought”, the result of the combined effort of the individual and the collective effort of scientists, society and the whole nature of human society.
  • Thoughts differ, they have a rhythmic nature and the same characteristics. At the same time, the difference is in the social and individual characteristics of the messenger. In order to get rid of the metaphor, it is worth boiling down to the set of theses which the author must prove in his argumentation.
  • The image of the messenger is omnipresent in the collective consciousness of the participants. In reality, everything is more tangible and real, material. But the image of the messenger is not entirely in the same way as thoughts and feelings of the group. The messenger is more tangible, more real than thoughts and feelings of the group.
  • Despite the fact that the group is characterized by the ease of perception (both parties are essentially rational and mutually acceptable), the communication can sometimes be mistaken for the sake of aggression, ignorance of principles of relations between the individual and the collective, the creation of a common image of oneself, the perception of the external world.
  • Although the notion of “collective” is not identical with “group”, it is more than a framework for private communication. The terms “collective” and “social” are extremely ambiguous. It is impossible to consider both meanings at once.
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