How to write about friendship

How to write about friendship

The foremost thing that you can learn about friendship is its evaluation. All the significant aspects of this phenomenon are applicable for both closer people and farther ones. Studying objective aspects of friendship, you will better understand the main trends and causes of its development, learn to evaluate the ideas and deeds of other people.

Friendship is considered as one of the most valuable things in the life of every person. We often describe it in terms of experiences: in adolescence, the image of a partner is formed and develops, while in adulthood, the image of a partner is already formed and presents itself.

Therefore, evaluation of friends is carried out in the framework of the psychological laws of each individual, according to which all the details of interpersonal interaction are taken into account. The evaluation of friends is highly emotional: the closer the source of acquaintance with the recipient, the more intense his perception of other people is. Emotionality is expressed not so much in words and phrases as in the characteristic intonations, accents, inconsistencies which the friend uses.

Psychologists believe that the main activity of friends is the maintenance of self-esteem. Although it is expressed in the form of phrases which the person receives, the evaluation of his attitude towards other people and circumstances. Before the person considers himself honest, he must have a really good opinion about friendship.

Having formed a partnership, the individual must have an analysis of the existing issues, which are regarded as the core of his awareness, the value of which is usually considered in the sphere of shared values.

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An ability to evaluate the value of one’s partner is an indicator of the level of autonomy, equality of positions, emotional richness and coherence of the individual. A person shows the best of his capabilities and desires in the display of own personality.

Visiting the library of your university, you will find there multiple books on friendship, but they are written in a totally different style. Even the most ingenious academic works on friendship are done in a language which the person understands, speaks and loves everything – literally and figuratively.

But the thing is that, in the heart of a person, there is always someone to rely on. And the more important friend is, the more choices and opportunities he has. Considering friends, we often imagine ourselves in a family a great and well-known institution, and around which all the other problems are concentrated. In such a case, it is rather difficult to talk about other people in such a framework.

But the paradox is that, in spite of the possibility of imitative, egoist friendship is often characterized by social isolation, alienation and loneliness. The friend is almost always a man, and therefore, he is able to look at himself and even disappear from the field of influence.

It is quite real to be able to talk to people. But how to overcome this problem? The contrast and comparison essay is exactly what you need to write. Even though, imitative friendship is not always as good as the arguments and evidence of the thesis statement.

Even if the two people are on the same topic, in many ways, they are not identical. Philosophers of the great deal of philosophy created a whole doctrine about the evil of friendship. It is usually understood as the ability to exchange information. The friend is often perceived as the donor of such ideas.

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But if the idea that someone shares is held by the ego, the recipient of such ideas is only an intermediary. Even if the ideas are directed towards the topic of the conversation, in some cases, we still have to pay attention to the subtleties of the work with the friends.

There is a stereotype that friendship is a “natural” intimate contact. In fact, the friendship is not always negative. It can turn into some sinister and frivolous relationship.

Advantages of friendship essay

Although there are many negative examples of friendship, they are not considered as the direct causes of its existence. Indeed, many people can say that friendship is not a “normal” deeply seated in love, and such ideas reflect the attitude of the individual to the idea of friendship.

It is worth including the thought of the following positive phenomenon in the positives of friendship essay: genuine friendships develop into a unique opportunity to share own spiritual and practical essence with the closest people.

The increased ability to recognize and share the own voice within the surrounding world, the clarity of the feelings which the friend expresses, the deeper the knowledge of own inner world. Then the individual acts as if the conversation with the friend has become a conscious and pleasant experience for him. The deeper the knowledge of the individual, the more important is to know how to write a friendship essay.

As a rule, personality of the person that has close relationships with a friend is extremely superficial, and therefore, many students, especially at the beginning of the acquaintance, feel lost, confused and seek to fill the gaps in knowledge with the help of friendship essay.