How to write about friendship?

How to write about friendship?

Despite the modern cult of self-deception, the idealization of friends is an ongoing phenomenon. Ego Formation is the process of a maximum integration and integration of individuals, their mutual service and support, the ability to share experience, ideas, relationships, interests, and so on. Owing to this, we can assume that every individual tries to fulfill his functional purposes.

The primary method of therapy which we always recommend to apply in the treatment of emotional disorders is cognitive psychology. The scientists determined the average level of recognition of two people by their level of the relevant knowledge, beliefs, attitudes towards each other. In accordance with this method of thinking, the patient derives from the impressions of own personality.

Cognitive psychology is based on the study of the relationship between people, their thoughts and so on. So, you can consider this method of understanding friendship as an educational one. A person recognizes own image in the mirror of his reflection, has a more definite attitude towards other people than to himself.

Knowledge of the individual’s repertory positions, the structure of social roles that are significant to him and their subjective meaning allows the psychologist to consider his inner world and intimate surrounding. Interpersonal competence is also of great importance for the psychology of friendship. It includes the development of the necessary communication skills, the ability to make friends, to open heart and to understand others.

Although, according to initial assumptions, all these approaches to understanding the psychological aspects of interpersonal interaction are different (and, in some cases, even opposite), at the same time, they are complementary, each of them has certain rational elements.

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It may be stated in friendship essay conclusion that each act of interpersonal contact can be simultaneously considered as a behavioral process of rapprochement of two independent individuals, as the cognition of one person by another, as satisfaction of some inner emotional needs, as a process of symbolic interaction in the course of which individuals not only exchange information but also acquire points of view and life perspectives of each other thereby expanding the boundaries of own ego.

Peculiarities of relationships of youth for importance of friendship essay

Since such assignments as essay about my friendship are often performed by schoolchildren and students, this age category should be considered in detail. In addition, youth is a period of the most intense group life and emotional communication with peers.

Passionate need for recognition and self-disclosure is at the heart of the youthful desire for friendship. Many teenagers believe that happiness means that people around understand you.

One of the main unconscious functions of youth friendship is the maintenance of self-esteem. Interpersonal ties sometimes act as a peculiar form of psychotherapy. It allows young people to express the feelings overwhelming them, to find confirmation that someone shares their doubts, hopes and worries.

Youthful friendship is not only inclined to confession but also extremely emotional. Emotionality is expressed not so much in words and phrases as in the characteristic intonations, accents, inconsistencies which the teenager, with all desire, could not translate into concrete concepts. At the same time, they convey the subtle nuances of his mood to the interlocutor, remaining meaningless and incomprehensible to the outsider.

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Psychologically, this “empty” conversation is more important and significant than a meaningful, secular conversation about high matters. It may be noted in bad friendship essay that, experiencing the need for strong emotional attachments, young people sometimes do not notice the real properties of a partner. With all exceptionality, in such cases, friendly relations are usually short-lived.

Adolescence has always been considered as the privileged age of friendship. Early adolescence involves increased autonomy, emancipation from parents and a reorientation towards peers. This is a period of rapid growth of self-awareness and the consequent need for intimacy. All feelings and attitudes of this age have extremely bright emotional coloring.

Growing up, the child tears the umbilical cord of former relationships based on dependence on parents, reevaluates and rebuilds them, includes these ties into a new, more complex system in which he claims to have an independent and central role. His new orientation toward peers sharply increases during the transitional years. Younger children still distinguish two worlds (child’s and adult) and the unequal relationship between them as something natural.

The teenager no longer wants to consider himself as a child. He is increasingly oriented towards adult norms and criteria. At the same time, in order to secure autonomy, he emphasizes own age-specific characteristics and the special years of experience. Such a balance makes a person unwilling to accept orders from adults, most importantly, from children.

The need for a peer society is typical for teenagers. In addition to organized groups (for example, school class), informal communities that are formed outside the official world acquire great importance, especially for boys.