How to write about friendship

How to write about friendship

The study of friendship is a relatively young area of psychology in social psychology. Even more precisely, in adolescence, the object of attention is another person. Even this is the time of transformation of the unconscious need for cooperative communication.

Psychologically, this period is characterized by a constant need to communicate, which, however, does not attach the label of friend. In the process of communication, interpersonal relationships sometimes take place. The need for self-disclosure is strong even in the childhood. The concept of friendship, as a rule, is fairly simple. It is the need for the other person to disclose the content of their communication, which, however, is rarely realized in reality.

The need for self-disclosure is a characteristic of the adolescent’s psyche and, as a consequence, the pathos of the communication, which, however, are of the very high quality. The psychic need for the other person is strong precisely because it is fundamentally unsaturated. Youth is considered the privileged age of friendship, but the teenager waits until the very end of the work day, desires to receive the very recognition of equals, and one of the main goals of his life is to reach this goal.

The need for friendship is a stable and pervasive instinct inherited by the child from birth, which, however, were characterized by Freud very partially in his work on the unconscious need for the child’s attention. The writer understood this need from the viewpoint of a social person, but not from a psychological standpoint. The model of the person does not lend itself to voluntary activity. The teenager waits for a certain moment, which is considered as a peak of youthful needs. The exact moments when the need for self-disclosure is strongest and the most natural for the individual.

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The teenager does not refer to external events or to external norms of society. This leads him to a state of absolute necessity of friendship, which, however, were defined by Freud very broadly.

With age, the need for friendship also declines. But the old man continues to be very fond of friends. The Renaissance, according to Freud, is the festival of the unleashed human will in its human form. The person can be both a child and an adult, and this is the nature of friendship, which, however, were created by the desire for friendship as a high-quality emotion.

Friendly communication also includes such factors as family conflicts, antisocial behavior in a family context, cruelty, unjustified resentment, the desire for intimacy and love. However, the researches of Freud on friendship bear out certain difficulties. The fact is that, in youth, the emotion of some kinds of love can cause violence and be associated with physical violence even in the family. Therefore, the behavior of friends and friends should be taken into account when interpreting statistics on the change in the attitude of society to some types of relationships.

The age dynamics of friendship, as well as other interpersonal relationships, is measured primarily for the development of the need for communication. The younger the person, the more attention he pays to external, social relationships. The greater amount of communication means the less time is required for the formation of the relationship. So, in terms of the impact of social relationships on the formation of friendship, the younger the person.

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Psychologists believe that those persons who do not have sufficient need to communicate and have low communication skills are characterized by a certain impulsiveness, incompleteness of self-disclosure which causes a lack of desire to be devoted to the person.

In youth, there is a tendency for the opposite phenomenon – friendship falls in those days when the need for communication is maximal. The teenager opens up a whole world of new feelings, the beauty of nature, the sounds of music, the sensation of own body. But the person is still limited by the need to communicate with other people, to be able to look at himself objectively. And this is his misfortune, which may be described in the essay on friendship mistakes.

So, the cause of friendship, which may be described in most instances, is the lack of communication with others. This problem is especially acute for teenagers who live in a house filled with intelligent household appliances.

The house is a favorite escape for a teenager. The sound of music, the sounds of household appliances, the sensation of own body is much higher. The teenager opens the door to his own space and becomes part of it. So, one of the main unconscious functions of youthful friendship is the maintenance of self-esteem.

During the first month of the new life, a person tries to bypass all potential irritants, and in the second month, the sources of the experienced or acting stress are beginning to cause pain. Therefore, if young people want to avoid situations that develop into acute psychological crises, it is better to immediately begin to rebuild a relationship with the closest external support.

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If such situations occur quite frequently, it is advisable to isolate yourself from them.