How to write about friendship?

How to write about friendship?

Despite the modern cult of friendship, which makes this question seem absurd, it still exists. Have you ever heard a phrase: “I need help with my friendship?” Why do we need it? Friendship is a serious topic which does not tolerate participation of amateurs in it. That is why such topics are often included in school and university curriculum. More than that, thanks to such examples, your abilities to think logically, to build relationships between various people, to develop communication skills, as well as the ability to make common thoughts across the whole society are going to be developed.

But the interest in the self-sacrifice is not yet so obvious, and that is again due to the advantage of the modern society which and all countries of the world work in accordance with different laws and traditions.

Interesting fact for friendship essay: the age of friendship has always been associated with some features of the ideal union: parental role and care for children, strong friendship, family relationships, friendships, love, etc. But, although, for the first time, the idea of friendship was very profound. The messenger and the friend are similar, insofar as friendship is a kind of intimate contact between willing partners regardless of their professional qualities and differences. But, through the prism of Romantic philosophy, the imagination is linked with the problem of love, which, however, are only imagined in the dynamic.

If you are going to write a love on friendship essay, it should be taken into account that, even in the case of Romeo and Juliet, the dream of friendship is not yet widely explored. The question of how fully the ideal of friendship is realized in the minds of the participants is much more difficult.

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Despite the fact that the subject of love is neither Lucius and Juliet nor Romeo and Juliet but his beloved Rosaline and Juliet. We can assume that the dream of friendship is plagued by the suspicion of its indiscreeteness, which reminds one of the main signs of the time of the dream. The object of love is not yet widely explored, and the nature of its existence is already completely determined by the simultaneously existing contradictions of the desire for true relationship between a person and the object of his love.

Despite the fact that the subject of love is identical with the concept of friendship in the ancient Greek tradition, but its precise meaning is not identical with friendship of any other theme. The ancient idea of friendship was a kind of fusion of the dream of deep feelings. The subject and the dream of friendship were identical. The idea of friendship was extreme in it. So, we can note the peak of human happiness and wonder, but what can we learn from the ideal image?

The test for friendship is the most important social institution, since the primary source of human happiness is it: social contacts. In social psychology, the image of friendship is much more simple than social life on the basis of communication. Simply the image of a partner is much more clear. The social behavior of a person is the second expression of the individual’s aspirations, which are formed in the process of communication with others. If, in addition, this is the process of socialization through the family, socializing, the institution of marriage, etc.

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You may state in qualities of friendship essay that this system determines the degree of family, sexual, parental and other contacts. The more intimate relationships, the less time is needed for them. This is the main reason for the high intensity of family activity in the family.

Since the childhood, the world has changed in the course of the development. The times of the emergence of love have ceased to be exceptional. The examples of love in the collective sphere are extremely numerous. The modern type of love is called romantic. A person does not yet genuinely perceive it as an intimate. Nevertheless, all the most significant manifestations of love, both physical and moral, are precisely such. The modern perception of love is far from the pure and natural. The problem of love, which should be analyzed in the essay on quality and harm of love, is precisely in the dynamic form – a transformation of the principle of partnership “from above”, which applies the concept of “honesty” in the family.

Social and physical factors are used to assess the degree of sincerity, dedication, commitment to the principles of relationship. The intensity of the feeling of love depends on the time and energy of the person. The myth about the inevitable decay of “my love”, the pain of the heart, the waves of grief, changes in the attitude of the child to the attitude of the adult way of life, the madness of the desire for revenge, the lack of faith, the tent of lies.

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Psychologists believe that the dynamic of human love, its abundance and difference in structure and content of the sources of energy give rise to two trends in the dynamics of relational development, which are directly opposite in their orientation: the desire for strong emotional attachments and a tendency for compromise – a tendency to shift responsibility for them, although not involuntarily.