How to write about friendship?

How to write about friendship?

Despite the modern cult of self-deception, more and more people try to find friendship as a sort of deep emotional attachment. What is this phenomenon connected with? Why do we need to understand that in this world there is this option of communication between people?

Buried deep in our thoughts are the concepts “friend” and “socio”, which, however, are not so important for understanding. Friends are something we recognize instinctively. And this instinct is responsible for giving rise to the most fascinating sociological and psychological phenomena. After analyzing the social practice of friendship, it’s possible to propose how it operates.

Or, as it was said in the old joke of the Soviet time, communism is a horizon line that becomes more distant as it approaches. What the nature of friendship is? And what defines its forms? We will understand a meaning of these questions after analyzing the common misconceptions about them.

Communication with friends and fellow students is based on a system of principles similar to science and professional activity, the exchange of experience, ideas, attitudes, values. This is an information and physical interaction in the process of which interpersonal relationships are formed and maintained.

That is why the essay about friendship is usually devoted to questions of a general scientific nature. If you have ever had a friendship, why do you sometimes worry about others around you?

Experience is considered as one of the most valuable things in friendship. We can call it one of the most significant things in your life.

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Going back to the topic, you can consider the history of friendship, which has a deep meaning and is often regarded as a characteristic and a basis for personal relationships. The actual history of friendship, however, is rather short. But its significance has always been immense. An Encyclopedia of Friendship, published in 1882, and aimed at providing friends with such advantages as friendship, luck, and success, was intended to inform readers.

But through the centuries, along with the rise of science and society, has made incredible strides in understanding the meaning of friendship. The mathematician Arnold Binet presented the wave of empathy and mutual service which accompanied a catastrophe of a falling woman.

Biological fundamentals of friendship

Many researchers believe that the basic elements of friendship, which we can call friends in social roles, are unconscious. This notion is sometimes used to explain the psychic content of particularly moral, romantic, and strong people. We can call friends friends the most powerful of all other people.

Psychologists believe that the friend is a small social group that is differentiated by objective differences in the structure of its activity: the desire for friendly relations, strong friendship, family relationships, flirting, mania (intrusive love), strong friendship, selfishness, and unconditional love. Friends are unique. They are the most important and valuable. The friendship is the most common and universal in nature.

The word “friend” is used in a variety of meanings: as a compact biological group, as close as brothers or sisters. Besides, friends are favorite celebrities. They are the images of the “normal” life. The abstraction of friendliness is frequently used. The helper and the keeper of friendship are not only different, but also very different in our reality.

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Even in the dictionary, the word “friend” means a collective “inner feeling” of a person, his or her belonging to a common reality. Not only such concepts as the “friend” are themselves meaningless, but also very misleading. People tend to take friends and place an emphasis on the fact that they are close because “through the glass”, they are one another”. We clearly see the “glass” in the image of a “normal” family. But inner, physical, psychological, social, marital, child-parenting, and familial relationships are not “normal.” For the sake of what billions of dollars are spent on television advertising?

The objective ideal of friendship, which is sometimes called a “fourth power”, is honesty. At the same time, as in the ancient Greek philosophy, is it the power of a person’s movement through life? How their relationships are different when in reality they are only children?

We will ask you to describe how the ideal of friendship is manifested by the most beautiful phrases about the Earth and the universe. We will start with the word “honesty” itself.

The word “honesty” is closely associated with “justice”. A person is honest with himself, does not lie. What does it mean? It is necessary to take into account the interests of others: colleagues, partners, suppliers, buyers. Through the system of morality, the moral message for a friend is more clear: do not be too ashamed if your partner is in need.

In Europe, it was believed that the honesty is the basis of every virtue. In America, it is the truth of life itself. No one says “Everything that I did is irrelevant because I was honest with myself.