How to write about friendship?

How to write about friendship?

  • Indeed, parents have an idea of a “good” relationship. But they don’t mean anything. They only mean the friendship.

    Young people need to be creative with this. Use your own imagination and feel free to write about friendship even in the face of the fact that all this is just a idea of yours. Lots of people have already written about friendship in this article.

    While writing the friendship essay, try to include all the important nuances of the phenomenon. The matter is that, in such a scholarly paper, you should not be afraid to make some mistakes. Of course, they are not uncommon for an educational level. But sometimes you make so many mistakes that the paper is almost impossible to read. The first mistake is probably the fact that you have no idea about the subject. So it is the time to think about everything and try to understand the problem better. That is why you should always keep in mind that you are writing about something that is so deep that you have not even thought about the idea of friendship in the general.

    Driving the Point

    Having reached the point of our friendship essay outline, you will probably think that it is already in your head. But it is not true. There are many people who believe that friendship is a thing and they have all the motives to get involved in helping others. Well, they are almost right in some ways. For example, some people are really close to each other. Or they are an best friends. But there are also cases when people outside the norm of friendship are interested in giving the friend a chance to fulfill their life goals. And when the friend does not achieve the ultimate goal, all the motives change and the appeal to the true desires is the reason for dissatisfaction. For example, if a person is constantly being upset by everything and is able to look at himself only through the fault of his own reason, then it is not a true friendship.

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    But if a person is honest with himself, he will not be able to look at himself exclusively through a personal view. If you are able to admit your own faults and faults, then, at least, this is more than a feeling of gratitude.

    Conflict of individual and social roles

    In modern society, there are many roles for being a personality. And the fact is that all of them have somewhat different characteristics. If you take one of the following positions, it will be much easier to describe your value.

  • The first one is a weak-willed person. Such type is called “The Eater of Happiness”. Such a person is not great in the moral sense, does not exhibit the interest and is not trustworthy. Since friends are usually such people, they attack others’s feelings. However, they are not alone. There is another legal aspect of this problem. The conflict of roles is the situation when a person faces contradictory demands and also as a result of attempts of the opponent to meet the objective requirements for the realization of his own project.
  • The second definition of friendship also includes such aspects as the possession of emotional needs, deep knowledge, intuitive feeling and the ability to communicate with different people. Such a person has not only these qualities as a means of interpersonal communication but also a basis for building a successful career.
  • The third definition of friendship also includes such factors as togetherness, comradeship, affection and understanding of the other person. They fully develop the possibility of a person’s – a unique opportunity to receive the maximum satisfaction from communication, and the ability to share own spiritual and practical essence, as well as provide security, encouragement and to act effectively in the most diverse situations.
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    Although, despite the variety of definitions, the notion of friendship still does not exist in our society. The question of how serious is its moral significance is not yet widely discussed. But the additional information about friends and friendship in the system of statistics shows that the connection of friends is less important than the complex and voluminous character of the contact. We can divided the type of friendships into social – individual (White) and social – shared (African-American) type. The first group would be called the environment and the second group would be called the in-group contacts.

    Using the indicators of friendship in the survey, we were able to determine the level of satisfaction which each person is looking for and the frequency of contacts. Table 3 shows that the level of satisfaction is significantly higher for young people when they are connected with someone else than when they are not close to each other. The fact is that the older a man, the more attention he pays to the external features of the person, their outward manners and physical appearance. As a rule, in the opinion of men, a woman is somewhat less inclined to satisfaction than to the external features of a man.