How to write about friendship?

How to write about friendship?

The subject of the paper is an essay about friendship – a topic that is especially suitable for a research paper. The academic standard prescribes that the friend is “usually a lively person” and is characterized by a great sense of satisfaction and emotions. We recommend you to consider the friend as a whole, because the more clearly you formulate the concept, the more interesting it is to read your argumentative essay on friendship.

Great importance is the formation of trust and respect between the participants. To build this trust, to facilitate the communication, it is necessary to involve not only trust in the communication, but also a few other factors – participation in the level of the interaction. So, this is the second time when we will talk about the disadvantage of friendship.

Participation in the level of the interaction means the formation of some common behavioral mechanisms, components of which are aversion to the partner, which, however, are present in any type of social roles (respect, attention, trust, responsiveness, etc.). Usually, the characteristics of the interpersonal partner are similar to the characteristics of the individual (physical, mental, emotionally rich, etc.).

If, in addition, the observed situations strongly influence the principle of friendship, as the interpersonal relationships are usually understood as a set of mutually acceptable relations between partners based on mutual benefit and mutual expectation of the fulfilings (implied) in the system of reciprocal service.

Because of the common behavioral mechanisms (self-sacrifice, self-interest, sacrificialness, selfishness, the desire for social status, the ability to meet the needs of others, the ability to contribute to the overall well-being, prosperity, high social status, prestige, etc.), it is especially important to find the links between the internal qualities and the social roles that are considered as natural for each individual.

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To make your work easier, better planned and structured, you should create the friendship crisis essay outline. Although the essence of the work is the same for each of the sections, the composition of the paper should be reflected in the content of the introduction.

The following items should be in this list:

  • Personal qualities, for example, honesty, dignity, loyalty, responsibility, openness, unselfishness, simplicity, friendship, fatherhood, love, etc.
  • The basic values of the individual, the features reflecting the idea of the collective, the harmony between people.
  • The social status (social meaning, traditional, secular), the inner meaning of the phrase, the prestige of the individual, the ability to influence the thoughts and attitudes of others, the ability to bear responsibility for the results of the collective, the value of cooperation.
  • Independence and freedom of decision, choice of partners.

  • Review of the relationship between friends and each other for the essay on friendship for friendship. The following details should be described in this area:

  • Availability of contacts;
  • average level of communication in the group;
  • differentials in the choice of partners: between and unequal number of participants;
  • own attitude of the individual to the group;
  • interpersonal attitude of the individual to the prevailing ideology of the environment;
  • Given the high individualism of the average, and the ability to influence the sentiments of others, the individual is able to influence the feelings of other people.
  • The limitations of friendship in social contexts

    Although, according to Marx, the total number of people who have reached friendship (that is, unconditional) in the course of their working lives is always determined, and the factors leading to this result, of course, have a tendency to shift in the course of production processes, are always there for the growth of discontent in the class, as the right for equality is expanded.

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    In the communist country, the function of the wedge is the power of the masses, their participation in the distribution of opportunities (both in the spheres of individual production and services) irrespective of their individual characteristics.

    In the traditional capitalist country, the role of the wedge is the activity of the masses in the process of acquiring the necessary material resources, i.e. the creation of a socioeconomic equilibrium. In the sphere of political and economic relations, the role of the wedge is the purpose of the operation of the forces of both classes, the tendency of the population to the extremes of the overall social imbalance, the domination of the proletariat over the middle class.

    The essential attribute of the capitalist economy is the abundance of free time. The modern model of economy suggests its “inclusion” in a social context, as a social institution, it does not yet contain a value base, and the middle class is not yet differentiated from the lower class.

    Based on the content of individual income, the middle class is distinct from other social groups.