How to write about friendship

How to write about friendship

The study of friendship is usually carried out in the form of three sections: in the introduction, the general concept of the subject is formed, and in the conclusion, certain findings are obtained. Depending on the level of research for this type of material, various kinds of graphs, charts, and tables are used. In the introduction, the essence of the study is described in the form of thesis statements where the author presents the main idea of the paper (theses – arguments). The conclusion is the result of a comprehensive analysis of the phenomenon, its legal and cultural dimensions. Due to the diversity of the forms of interaction, the analysis of the friendship sector is carried out. In particular, the group of social identities is studied. The following aspects are of great importance: categorization, scale and texture, the degree of openness, change with the passage of time.

Friendship is a functional process. It allows to carry out the following actions:

  • act of aggression, as well as interactions which are considered as sources of satisfaction and important factors in friendship research;
  • communication with others, which is expressed in the form of invitations to make friends, including social invitations to make friends, increase in the number of contacts, and, on the one hand, this is the transition from the individual to the collective identity, and on the other – from the private to the governmental one.
  • These are the main features of the essay, so you can call it easy to read. Theoretical research is performed in the background of the activity of readers and viewers of television and radio, which should be mentioned in essay about friendship.

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    The activity of viewers and listeners is studied in the framework of the individual experience and views of a particular collective. Individual experiences are combined in a framework of certain social norms, and this is how the collective communicates. The overall effect is the same for all participants.

    What is the concept of friendship?

    Many academic works are focused on the question of friendship, which is considered as one of the forms of interpersonal interaction. There is a comprehensive understanding of the psychological aspects of interpersonal interaction, including the complex set of moral requirements and functions, the inner dynamics of interpersonal relationships.

    But, despite the interest in the study of friendship, scholars make the following conclusion: in its highest manifestations, friendship is a kind of interpersonal interaction in the process of which individuals, having touched upon various concepts of this interaction, form and modify each other.

    The level of the sense of loneliness of friendship is higher than the level of self-respect of the individual. This is the subject of the highest tension of interpersonal relations. High interpersonal tension, evident even by the most humble and beguiling person, is accompanied by a sense of internal pressure, which, however, can be completely dismissed if the conflict will not be brought to the correct solution.

    Although, according to Freud, in friendship, the actual coincidence or disparity of personalities is less important than their perception: the features which the friends attribute to each other, the tendencies of such attribution (we tend to see only good in friends and only evil in our enemies).

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    The exchange of rewards in the light of the reciprocal interaction of partners is carried out in the sphere of economic relations. But the preferences of certain individuals are maintained, and the causes of such behavior of the individual are the function of the holistic group, the level of which determines the level of social relations.

    The two main cultural characteristics which may be described in essays on social media addiction:

  • Both individuals are from the stock of human possibilities which are used in daily life and are inclined to utilization of them in the future.
  • One of the main unconscious functions of the mind is the reproduction of the race, the maintenance of a new genetic pool.
  • The purpose of the party is the struggle for the supremacy of the new over the old, for example, the formation of a new elite.
  • The middle class is the embodiment of the intellectual elite. Its members are the first to take part in the struggle for the modification of the environment and the improvement of social conditions.
  • Ideas for the new elite.
  • The process of transition from the middle class to the upper class (the process of social formation) takes place.
  • Within the middle class, high intellectual quality is manifested. The level of culture is higher than the level of the respective national wealth. The standard of living is higher, more comfortable, to live with a higher value.
  • In the cultural sphere, the middle class is the custodian and distributor of values. Also, it is the source of cadres of officials and managers of different ranks – both for the state apparatus and for business.