How to write about friendship

How to write about friendship

The activity of interpersonal ties is constantly stimulated. Good friends are among the most useful and positive experiences in life. Write in friendship essay that more than 70% of all friendships are created. Such a ratio is very stable. All people become friends when they are very young and full of energy.

Adolescence has always been considered as the privileged age of friendship. Early adolescence involves increased autonomy, emancipation from parents and a need for independence. This is a period of formation of self-esteem. The older the person, the less attention he pays to the external features of friends.

But it is not entirely true. We do not yet have fully understood the ways in which the youthful need for intimate contact is satisfied, feels a genuine sense of gratitude and believes that it is impossible to avoid this need in practice.

The need for intimate communication is a prerequisite for the existence of a relatively stable ego. But, of course, this requirement is not met in child’s friendship. The sacrifice of youthful friendship for the sake of intimacy is quite real. In some families, a great deal of time is spent on child-led communication in order to maintain a strong family cohesion.

You may state in bad friendship essay that, in the collective sphere, selfishness and sacrifice are considered as opposite sides of each other. But in individual relations, these contradictions do not exist. The spirit of sacrifice is stronger and more penetrating than the selfishness, and the ability to be true for one person is more important than the ability to create a relationship that is mainly reciprocal.

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The greater contrast is inherent in the system of sacrifice where, in addition to self-sacrifice, there are a number of highly valued emotions: beauty, friendship, courage, and compassion. Describing the role of friendship in sacrifice, it’s worth saying that, in most cases, these relationships are not found in relationships with humans, because the primary function of the psyche is formed and develops by the interaction with others.

We cannot talk about the friendship in such terms as equality, loyalty, courage, and love in which there is a sacrifice of friends made in the image of the ideal created by an artist. The idea of friendship in this culture is very different from the idea of love in Europe which is based on the union of organs and nerves cells of one person.

We can’t fail to note the delicate balance between love and selfishness which works at the base of the personality. In the system of sacrifice, the opposite behavior of the ego is rewarded (or punished) by his moral and human maxims.

Even in the case when love and friendship are not equals, a person can’t deny the importance of friendship, considering it as something natural, collective. The natural desire for friendship is stimulated by the best memories of a person, by experiences of his life. The simple truth of life and the inevitable betrayal of egoism in its turn, is capable of creating to the mind and conscience of a sacrificial personality.

Creating the sacrifice essay titles, think of a moment when, in the collective sphere, two people have not yet fully mastered each other. A gap in knowledge is society’s projected image. The perceptions of the surrounding world, the way people regard themselves, their positions and positions in society, their relationship with other people, their position in the popular culture, etc.

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Humans, in the collective sphere, do not yet fully understand the fullness of this “something”, and this is the time when we should be alert and ready to fight the illusion of “I”. We should definitely be ready to work with any propaganda, even if it appeals to a completely different people.

How to write on sacrifice essay topics?

Despite the modern progress, such problems still exist. The reasons for this are the evolution of more complex and diverse psychological processes. In order to solve them, a person must have a clear understanding of the characteristics of the emotional reaction to the revelation of own ego.

Clear and accessible awareness of own ego gives a person the opportunity to stand in the position of the individual and to show own true nature. At the same time, as is known from psychological science, each person has a certain number of unconsciousness, the nature of which determines his/her willingness to take responsibility, to appear genuinely. At the same time, as the sociological picture of society and the state of the world changes and the situation in it, the number of people required to cover these problems is growing every day, the meaning of life and the concept of happiness is constantly being improved.

In this regard, the society should be organized so that it gives a person a feeling of security, a sense of pride, a sense of own success and a high self-esteem. Such organization will allow a person to evaluate own work and actions, to take the role of an individual who is able to achieve the desired goals. Such attitude, in turn, may lead to a change in the social order.