How to write about friendship

How to write about friendship

The importance of friendship in social life is undeniable. That is why, along with the other personality traits, such as self-sufficiency, optimism, ability to communicate with different people, etc. (Academic Dictionary of the word “friend”). From a philosophical point of view, the word “friend” means the fundamental unity of the individual: the closest communication and communication with others.

From an economic point of view, the word “friend” means a system of relations between the object and the subject of interpersonal interactions. Through these relationships, individuals are able to experience and understand the others’ personality. At the same time, as this ability allows, the individual can integrate his everyday experience into a definite sense of the whole society.

However, there are cases when, for different reasons, the perception of friends differs. In this case, the discrepancy between the ideal of friendship and the practical material is manifested in the behaviour of the individual in the process of adjustment.

How to take the problem of friendship?

Writing the characteristics of a friend essay, it’s worth noting that, in the collective sphere, there are many definitions of friendship.

The word “friend” is formed in a modern translation as “friend of the rules”, “relative”, “collective” (whatever is a general definition of friendship). These are used to designate a person or an object of interaction in social, professional, international communication systems, etc.

There are many definitions of friendship, and they may be complementary. For example, it may be the friendship of volunteers. Friendship is a kind of relationship between partners formed on the basis of mutual trust and love. It is worthy of study because it is one of the most important mechanisms of communication which exists between people in the group. The daily dynamics of friendship is dominated by two laws: the law of home and the law of teamwork. The everyday value of friends is equal to the material value of the person and the subject of interpersonal relationships.

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The following characteristics of friends are typical of a small group of friends:

  • generally social, although it is manifested in a number of ways;
  • informative, most often irrational;
  • communicative, although the latter also may be mentioned;
  • motivated by some external need, such as entertainment, shopping, sports, interesting hobbies, etc.;
  • easy to understand, easy to share, etc.;
  • communicative, although the thesis works with this type of communication;
  • specific, that is, the same causes and results are observed in all cases;
  • differentials, for example, the way of communicating with friends, the style of presenting the information, etc.
  • Nevertheless, even without the subjectifying of friends, we can still observe the heterogeneous nature of friendly relations. The internal properties and attitudes of friends are quite diverse.

    The general characteristic is the stability of the relationship between friends and the surrounding world, the ability to increase the level of coordination and mutual assistance, mutual satisfaction with goals and tasks, the ability to scale projects and projects, the experience of collective-entropy and high individuality in relations.

    The stability of friendship, as a rule, is associated with the function of the emotional attachment which is induced by the need for recognition and self-disclosure. Due to this, the individuals of the first rapport are deep in the state of empathy and mutual service.

    The second characteristic is the lively life rhythm of reply and the desire for more active roles in the organization of friendly relations. The individual tends to look for positive trends in the surrounding world, activity of other people in the sphere of which he is connected.

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    Compared with the attitude of strangers, this means that the surrounding people act as if they were his friends. Taking into account the interests of others, the person experiences a high level of satisfaction and satisfaction, and is positive in many ways.

    With the help of sociocultural stereotypes, the prejudice of friends is preserved. The idealization of friends is typical for the highest level of social comfort. This is why such concepts as loneliness and solitude are not false for a part of the population of the United States. In the concept of friendship, the correct perception of the relationships is and is determined by the level of the actual and latent relationship between the individuals.

    Material for friendship essay topics

    What do you want to use to create a positive mood about friendship? As a rule, attention is attracted to the following areas:

  • person’s views on other people and their opinions, impressions, relation to them;
  • friend’s attitude towards others and its underlying ideas;
  • elements of his personal integrity and self-sufficiency, which are expressed in the form of inalienable values;
  • wishes and sorrows, opportunities and achievements of other people.