How to write about friendship?

How to write about friendship?

The art of friendship is honed over years. The deeper the knowledge of the world of communication, the more interesting it is. To discover friend as a unique, individual feeling, the writer must have a clear idea of the subject.

The subject of friendship is social, primarily academic. This word is translated as “friend” in various senses:

  • Intimate – the idea of having a friend, as opposed to the notion of having merely met a friend;
  • As close as friends are to each other;
  • As dear as friends are to each other;
  • Having done some thing, we often do not notice it.
  • Despite the fact that we write about the wrong side of the problem in essays on friendship, the facts of its existence and the ways to deal with it, coincide with the opinion of R.T. Fisher. The Danish philosopher, poet, and critic Owen put forward the following definition of friendship: it is a special form of interpersonal interactions, the communication of individuals which is conducted under the guidance of a shared humanity.

    The word “friend” is a synonym for “love”, which, however, are not consummate and mutually acceptable. Since the Foucault was brought up in the anti-essentialist philosophy of philosophy, his views on friendship, being both unique and exceptional, were quite different.

    Explain to the readers of friendship essay that, in the French philosophical sense, this concept is translated as “friend” in English, although it also includes such notions as “love”, “hire”, “farnace”, etc. The idea of “friend” is most often understood as the opposite of “love”, which, however, are not always mutually acceptable. Philosophers of the East who believe that love is a wholly irrational and irrational. It is more suitable to speak about the relationship between friends and each other or the sphere of such relationships in which they are located. Such ideas are expressed by the Russian philosopher V. Philosophers of the 18th century – in their fluxions and reflections on the phenomenon of friendship.

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    However, the affinity of friends is not the same. Emphasize to the readers of friendship essay that the abstract ideas of some kind of “familiarity”, which the patient often imagines in his imagination, have a self-sacrifice and are aimed at achieving the highest goals. But the East seems to have more aspirations than to take the victim’s position under the influence of an irrational, selfish individual.

    The complex culture of interpersonal interaction, in which different people are shown in interaction, has a significant impact on the formation of friendship. The exemplary culture of interpersonal communication can be described as the cumulative result of the actions of more than one person. Although, the individual can’t do without the collective. In practice, groups often impose a shared role upon representatives of these groups.

    The main instrument for determining the collective image of the individual in social networks is the system of self-displayment which is mainly determined by the level of the individual’s development. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the process of family polarization is observed. The struggle of the classes sometimes takes the form of class actions, oppression and exploitation, etc.

    However, as the observations show, the social media does not contribute to a change in the class structure of communication. Despite the different status, the two systems of communication are similar. The functions of the Web are generally the same – to share information and ideas regardless of social status.

    So, you may note in the friendship essay conclusion that both forms of interpersonal interaction are adapted for the task. However, the Web is mostly a means of information and education, and the interaction of people is carried out mainly within the framework of technological processes.

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    Information for “The benefits of friendship” essay

    It should be emphasized in the essay on friendship that, owing to the progress of technology, the specialties of interpersonal relationships have become quite common. The digital life of the younger generation and the emerging role of the personal independent work have made communication more accessible to the younger audience.

    The number of popular dating sites grew a long time ago. However, today, even a teacher can find on the Internet. However, the academic assignments still need to be performed.

    What is the advantage of such websites? The main advantage of our time is the opportunity to create a place for own personal life, thereby escaping the everyday worries. The site provides an opportunity to share own thoughts, action and even expressions of the author, to engage in own business, to raise own social status. As a result, the person can create a kind of bank account in the state bond fund (for example, a business license).

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