How to write about friendship

How to write about friendship

The subject of the word “kindness” is widespread in human culture. We can define it as the aggregate of several tendencies, virtues that are inherent in each individual. The word “friend” is one of the most common. Everyone knows that friends are different, and this fact is impossible to disprove. Even though, according to discourse rules, a statement “I love people,” which implies a mutual activity of partners, can be considered true. Up to the present time, this concept of friendship is particularly widespread.

The word “friend” is used in a variety of meanings, (among them: calling, intimate communication, business, family relationships, flirting, mania (intrusive love, strong friendship, heart connection, soft friendship, true friendship, etc.), whereas the ambiguity of the concept of friend still exists.

Using the friendly talk about friendship essay, you may explore the question of what is true with all other facets of the formation of personality. Through the course of the essay, various meanings of the concept of friend are being formed. Some of them are quite obvious:

  • Personal friendship. It is the communication of individuals which is carried out under the influence of a certain psychological factors, as well as certain common mental state and attitude of society to other people.
  • Willingness to make friends. We clearly see the “glue” of communication in students’ personalities. The desire to make friends is evident even by the fact that we sometimes consider friends to be mundane. Only the brightest of the colors of the inner world are recognized by the brightest colors of the outward world.
  • Making friends through the computer. Of course, this concept is at one level with the abstraction of “friend”. But it is also worth noticing that the computer is a means of communication with others, and thus, is capable of representing the subconscious image of the person with whom the person has been connected for years.
  • Through the door of a revolving door which has open access to the outside world.
  • There is an opinion in the majority of cases that personal friendship is precisely the unbolished desire for friendship, which leads to the fact that its unconscious and unconscious content is explicitly indicated in the formation of interpersonal relationships.
  • Despite the fact that many people seek friendship in this or that countries of the world, in the hearts of some individuals, there is something about the common psychological methods of relations. They can be considered in terms of their psychological content: receptive, affiliative, accepting, transmitting.
  • Intimacy. The reciprocity of such relationships is manifested, especially, with a strong family connection. A strong family is a power of social and psychological influence, especially exerted in the family. The inner state of some high school students who had strong emotional attachments to their parents, mates, and children, the fact that they were able to cover their interests in the shared space of the household, the rationale for love, as well as the results of the interaction of pupils and lovers. However, the analysis of the subjective attitude towards friends and each other is far from complete.
  • Differ the emphasis of personal interests. The argument for friendship should be some joint activity which occurred between the subjects in the course of the study. The subject himself may be the main subject of the conversation. Even if not in the image of the external “I”, it is possible to trace the positions of insertion which may be followed by the departure of “I”.
  • The transition from collective to separating meaning. The truth of friendship is formed precisely in the process of communication with others. The external “I” begins to be realised only in the process of communication with others. In other words, the true meaning of friendly relations is formed.
  • When the meaning of the word “friend” is formed, it is used as a synonym for “love”, “sha” for “sibling” (the latter, i.e. the relation between people born from the same sex), “we” for “the best friends” (the best of friends), “the best of friends” (the best of the main social positions of the ideal type), etc.
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    Such psychological facts for your qualities of friendship essay are applicable to any specific group of people. Pair people are not always “like” each other. The nature of interpersonal relations determines the degree of selectivity of interpersonal relationships, their orientation and the strength of this desire, which manifests itself in the fact that the communication of individuals, whether it is personal or social, is always subject to certain requirements.