How to write about friendship?

How to write about friendship?

The subject of friendship is a part of the emotional process which, however, are defined as phases of the basic functional process of the formation of the individual. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the dynasties are preserved. Friendship, as a special social and psychological phenomenon, is the most important form of interpersonal contact. All other interpersonal relationships are aimed at increasing the self-esteem of the individual.

Reasons for friendship with fellow students are the lack of communication with other people due to the fact that, in addition to personal interests, such communication is limited only by certain moral standards – social roles, such as the role of parent, husband, wife, child, and so on. Only on the basis of these socially significant aspects of interpersonal relations are the beginnings of the process of communication of individuals, which, however, are not always realized.

Therefore, according to sociologists, there are two main types of relationships functioning in parallel in society: parental and social. These types can be called the traditional and the modern. The first, in the traditional type, is called the primary social type, which is based on the tradition of “socially accepted childlessness”. This is a traditional model of relations between people because it is the most common. The second type, in contrast, is called the secondary social type, which is based on the principle of “relative equality of opportunities”. It means the least privileges, exceptions, restrictions, etc. The third type, in addition to the above-mentioned types, is called the “third class method”. It is based on the principle of equality of opportunities, and therefore, it is called “equality of opportunities”. It, in turn, means the equality of the outcome achieved.

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There are different variants of relations between friends. Of all types, friendship is quite simple, nevertheless, some differences still exist. The main difference is the preparation of the question and the subject of the interaction.

Social types of friendship

Social means of partnership which may be described in essays about friendship. There are three types:

  • Intimate – that is, this is a way of discussing the relationship “I – others” which is embodied in the form of interpersonal ties.
  • Friendly – the expectation that others will feel in the form of increased attention, the expectation that they will share the problems and troubles of someone.
  • Cultural – the expectation of other people in the form of social roles (in this case, it may be liberty, fame, love, etc.).
  • While writing the prestige of friendship essay, it is worth noting that, in the collective sphere, the ideals of friendship are diluted by the process of social mobility. The notion of friendship, which emerges from a joint past, gives way to the notion of “social”, abstract, familial “I”. The family acts as the cultural community – a group of people which is connected by marriage and kinship relations. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the dynasties are preserved. Modern researchers study it as a sphere in which personal needs of a person are satisfied most naturally.

    The research has revealed that, in the collective sphere, notions of friendship, companionship, parental responsibilities, professional interests, household duties, moral and emotional support, the external attractiveness of friends, their social status, position in the family, role in the social hierarchy, moral guidelines of behavior, etc. act as a kind of “honeymoon” in the system of interpersonal relations.

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    You may push forward the following thesis in addition to the others: the traditional understanding of friendship as a “text of the conversation” between willing partners on a spiritual level (in the spiritual and interpersonal sense) is inadequate for the modern understanding of friendship as a culturally rational, emotionally saturated, and cognitive process of the form of whom is communicated in the form of tangible forms, having significant psychological meaning. Friendly communication is more than a way to discuss the people and the world view. It is an information and emotional interaction in the process of which interpersonal relations are formed.

    Of course, all this sounds great and exciting. But what if the listener will be forced to listen to the same words in order to hear the same story? In an essay about friendship, the author should write that the essence of the phenomenon of friendly communication is a certain form of self-respect in the process of interaction.

    The word “honesty” combines such categories as friendship, love, courage, stubbornness, ignorance of the other person, altruism, the desire for clarifying the truth, realization of own desires and problems. Neutrality is considered as the highest level of cooperation. The higher the level of honesty, the more points of interaction, the more voluminous the process of exchange of information is carried out.

    A number of psychological features and reactions to the information flood are characteristic for interpersonal communication. The first is the scarcity of emotions.