How to write about friendship?

How to write about friendship?

The subject of the affection is formed in the framework of the individual’s desires, in opposition to the objective interests of the person. Due to this, the concept of friendship is incomplete and ambiguous. Both approaches are incomplete and ambiguous.

Young people ask “How can I understand friendship?” We will try to answer this question by describing three types of understanding of this phenomenon in a short essay on friendship.

  • Personal approach to the problem of friendship. The first is called “Ego” and it is meant for the actualization of some certain relationship or a group of persons. Such a definition implies a personal relationship between the object and the recipient of such attitude. In the second case, the recipient is a subject of conversation. This type of relationship is called “interpersonal”. It is expressed in a slightly different formulation and means the ability to make friends, to make friends, etc.
  • Ego bidding. A second way to look at the problem is to consider it from different viewpoints. Thus, you can talk both about the cause and effect of friendship, or even about the opposite phenomenon.
  • Appearance of the object and the process of its perception – its forms, ways, attitudes are varied.
  • Essay on friendship in social networks. Show how it works and how often the friends meet. How often do they talk to each other?
  • How to write about friendship in social media?
  • No matter how often we think about friendship in social media, it is even easier to think about the object and the phenomenon under consideration, since all online services are designed for users who are not specialists. All social media is a kind of online extension of communication with friends. And the more interesting it is to look, the more people you can find. But, looking at the object, we never forget about the context: in the center of the screen a text (20-30 pages) lies the main object of the conversation. All versions of the theme are connected with the activity of this object. Sometimes, we can look at several friends at once. The other option is to consider the image of friends above all others.

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  • Objective reality. The reality is constructed on the basis of a single objective reason which we perceive as a single quantity and quality. Such a definition implies the understanding of the world around and the failure of people at the foundations of this reality.
  • Social identity. The degree of the good and the beauty of people is determined by the number of social identities – in other words, the same as the traits of the individual. These include family, work and political affiliation of the individual. Since the correct organization of the mind requires the active participation of the personality in the choice of profession, the identification of personal qualities must be based on the basis of reliable and profound knowledge, the ability to influence and influence the thoughts and behavior of people.
  • In the framework of personality, the individuality is formed and develops. The external image of the person is the image of the inner world of his being and the image of the ideal created by the intellectual activity of the mind. Due to the uniqueness of the conceptual system, the presentation of the individual is unique.

    Despite the fact that the word “essay” means independent activity, it is not identical with “report”. It is a kind of written work of a descriptive nature. Its author is not a public official or official, although in some cases, they have to give up their own interests for the sake of the investigation. When writing an essay, the inner content of the author is manifested in the presentation of their thoughts and ideas. The presentation of the word “essay” in the form of a sentence gives rise to the fact that the reader, having learned to think logically, sees the author as a person capable of expressing his thoughts.

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    How to write an essay?

    Such assignments as essay are often a part of the curriculum of educational institutions, their connection with the educational program is often very high. The student has to write them independently, without any assistance from the outside.

    The curriculum contains tasks of varying complexity. Usually, during the first years at the university, the supervisor explains the theoretical material and develops the analytical skills of the student, on senior courses – helps him in organizing and analyzing the information.

    It is important to treat each assignment responsibly since this is a contribution not only to science but also to your future. In addition to knowledge, it is important to maintain a moral standard when communicating with other people, especially in the field of legal regulation, which has to do with the law. Knowing how to write essays, you could ask someone else to read your paper.

    The second stage is the formulation of the problem of the essay’s topic. The lecturer must have enough information and examples in order to formulate the problem of his own essay.