How to write about friendship?

How to write about friendship?

Despite the modern cult of self-disclosure, many parents still do not share the enthusiasm of their child. Most likely, they are annoyed by the fact that his friend does not share their problems. Although it is possible to form reasonable relationships, it is important to note that parents should be ready to take responsibility for the upbringing of a teenager, the care of his interests and treatment of friends, the desire for joint pastime. It is quite natural that, in the case of such issues, adults should be ready to take on the problem of child’s education.

But it is also worth noting that neither of these alternatives gives a complete answer to the question of how to provide the emotional happiness of friendship. It is necessary to note in a short essay on friendship that, of course, some differences still exist in modern society. But they are relative. The need for good friends is no less important than the desire for good-natured communication. Although, undoubtedly, both types of relationships are based on the principle of similarity and equality. Everything is even the opposite side of the idea of equality.

However, it should be noted in essays on friendship that the distinction between friendship and love is not the same. Friendship is a kind of cooperation in which the everyday needs of two people are satisfied in the framework of common values. But the essence of friendship is the same for each of its participants.

The comparison of the concept of friendship and love for friendship essay is the following: in its essence, this is a relationship that is based on many mutual values, the essence of which is shared by both partners. At the same time, this is not the case of “sacrifice” in which the essence of friendship is absent, but, instead, it is the nature of the very interaction of partners that allows to enjoy the maximum pleasure and satisfaction in relationships.

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Not the number of those who confidently stated that friendship is the best in the phenomena of interpersonal interaction. But the object of friendship is not identical with the subject of love. The closer the subject of love is, the more aggressive the other is. Especially this is true for women.

A woman can be a friend without due trust, and this is not true, which causes conflicts in relationships. Women are often ready to take up any role, but, in reality, this practice is often characterized by the following sequence: confidence in the partner, rudeness fear of losing respect for oneself, unwillingness to take up the role of a leader, and, finally, abandonment of the dream of friendship.

Corruption is one of the most dangerous forms of relationship in life, especially for developed women. It influences the structure of communication, the behavior of colleagues, relations with colleagues, strict standards and beliefs.

However, for women working in large corporations, a male mentor often becomes the boss. As a rule, it is a mentor from the second rank – the head of the department.

Here is one more thing about friendship: it is a form of interpersonal communication in which the interlocutor feels the deepest sense of satisfaction which is caused by whatever it is in the sphere of professional activity.

Extra: this is the only way to establish contact with the bosses, colleagues, clients and other persons referenced in the communication field. This is the only one considered typical in the statistics of contact with the employer. The other is an office visitor who becomes the face of the employer when he stops reading the greeting card.

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Therefore, it is not surprising that people of the upper strata of society pay special attention to this nuance. In this regard, friendly relations are considered to be the most valuable interesting things.

Now, you may consider the question of the origin of friendly relations essay and how to start it.

Historical overview for friendship essay

The topic of the affection for friends essay is relatively new. Only in the past few decades, there was a rapid change in the world of relations between the older and younger generations. Children born in the last decade are communicating with their friends and relatives at a professional level. The aim of such communication is to maintain an image of self-esteem and provide the opportunity to share own spiritual and practical knowledge, as well as interact in the sphere of professional activity, in the vein of old-fashioned friendship.

A whole new understanding of human relationships came when, in the process of adaptation with the surroundings of the outside world, the old traditional ways of using the inner world were being discarded. The first modern communication with a friend was an educational process. To build a successful career, a person must have a good command of the surroundings, the ability to communicate with different people, to take care of own image.

Communication with other people is carried out in a variety of ways: in the course of joint pastime, through communication with other people, etc. However, personally, it is always connected with certain social needs which the person receives.