How to write about friendship?

How to write about friendship?

Since the very invention and distribution of personal friendships have become a common thing, many people want to understand and observe this phenomenon more closely, perhaps, even with the help of social media. In this regard, the Academy of Communication and Social Psychology of the United States (CAN) offers useful tips on how to conceptualize your relationship between friends and each other.

The first thing to mention in the characteristics of friendship essay is the distinction between situational and functional values. The latter denote the social context, the nature of interpersonal relationships, their everyday and lifetime value. The typical example of such a value is the emotional connection of spouses which unites on the basis of common values.

Can the value of friendship be saved in such cases? The answer is yes, if the need is just to communicate, then the character of friendship is ready for communication.

Writing about the value of friendship for society essay, you may note that the value of friendship is always socially significant. The example of the best friend for life is one more time – social, psychological, and physical. We can assume that the person has a more profound knowledge of friendship, hopes to find a way out of critical situations more creatively. However, if friendship is oriented primarily as a emotional attachment, then the knowledge of its social characteristics is redundant, ineffective, and fragmentary.

The subject of the study of friendship is society. We know that friendship is a natural form of interpersonal interaction in which the information exchange is carried out. But we are still surprised by the variety of interpretations of the concept of friendship, which seems to be inscribed in the minds of the participants. Let’s talk about some of them.

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  • A wide range of interpretations of the concept of friendship, which are constant and diverse, give rise to different theories in sociology of friendship. Let’s consider a few of them:

  • Identity psychology based on the study of the psychological basis, the essence of the relationships between people.
  • The central idea of the theory of friendship is the existence of a relatively stable, globally stable community of partners – a group of people which is connected by common values.
  • With age, the world tends to become more inclusive, and the younger the number of friends. But the value of the friendship, its special characteristics and expressions depends on the age of the individual.
  • Although, according to demographic studies, the population of friendship drinkers is heterogeneous in different age groups. The choice of partner in adolescence is harder than in adulthood, and the motive for this choice is not always equal.
  • As for the myths about friendship, their true meaning is always latent, without the mediation of the objective reality. Like the myth about the vulnerability of love, the ideology of friendship is based on the text of the speech of the speaker, the image of the person interviewed. Hence, it is not difficult to find an example of a definition essay on friendship.
  • Definition of friendship

    Before we’ll start working on the essay about friendship, it is necessary to understand the peculiarities of the phenomenon, to take into account the ideas of linguists.

    Friend is a general concept, expressing the associations formed between persons. Through communication with other people, the individual acquires not only the ability to express own thoughts, but also to share own feelings, to share own life experience.

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    The word “friend” is chosen in a variety of ways: as a complement of other expressions of the same concept, as the explanation of a particular phenomenon under discussion.

    The subject of communication is not only a physical space but something, which indirectly affects the perception of the world by an individual. In particular, friendship is the system of interpersonal relationships that generates a unique opportunity for the expression of various ideas, the opportunity to share own life experience.

    The subject of communication combines the qualities of several other types: friendship, family relationships, flirting, mania (intrusive love), strong friendship, family ties, flirting, mania (intrusive love), strong soul connection, selfishness, and unconditional love.

    The subject of communication always has some common features: personal aspirations and aspirations, some level of understanding of the world around, disinterested interest in the overall system of arrangements between people.

    People are often reluctant to describe their relationships in a way which is satisfying for the listener, regardless of the level of conscious awareness of the relationship – do not try to make it perfect. Your message may be useful for people.

    As for the structure of friendship, it can be rather long (up to a couple of pages). However, the variety of uses of the term “friend” is recognized at the same time.