How to write about friendship?

How to write about friendship?

Friendly communication is invariably associated with some social activities, especially with young people. Emotionality is expressed not so much in words and phrases as in the characteristic intonations, accents, inconsistencies which the teenager, with all desire, could not translate into concrete concepts. At the same time, they convey the subtle nuances of his mood to the interlocutor, remaining meaningless and incomprehensible to the outsider.

Psychologically, this part of the communication is similar to the whole process of symbolic interaction in the process of which interpersonal relationships are formed. A friend is always a person who is interested in the problems of communication, wants to know the causes of situations that offend or resolve them, wants to know what factors caused the problem and how the conflict acted. The subject of communication always possesses some residual emotions. These are the qualities of a person.

Although, in most cases, this quality is not elevated to the category of the highest value. It is above the norm of the interpersonal relationships. However, the articulation of the topic in the abstract is not always carried out according to the norms of morality. It is the function of a combination of self-interest and substantiality, a rare but very effective form of interpersonal communication.

The subject of communication always possesses some aspect of the aforementioned qualities: decisive, powerful and constant. A friend is not only a trusted person but also a source of high self-esteem. The relationship between a friend and him is built on the basis of mutual trust and love. Only the extremely high level of interpersonal trust is associated with the possibility of personal success.

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This characteristic is typical of all kinds of relationships: familial, parental, friendly, family relationships, property relations, psychological, socio-psychological. The peculiarity of friendship is the constant need and desire of communication with the closest surroundings, the ability to share the experienced experiences and decisions of the other person. This is the basis of the high quality of such relationships which are called “core values”. Such relationships are very important for personal growth.

An important effect is the formation of responsibility for the results of communication. On the part of the donor, the burden of responsibility is reduced. He does not pay for them but takes the direct responsibility for the results of communication.

Perhaps, for those who were modeled by the famous artist of the 20th century, life means a simplification of moral requirements, an increase in the harmony of social relations. The core values are formed and preserved. The mentality is rationalized and mature, the thoughts and attitudes of the donor are calculated, which, in turn, serves as a means of achieving the goals of life.

But, in order to achieve extraordinary results, a person must have a more pronounced attitude towards friendship than towards fellow students. A certain attitude towards the core values is formed. And, in turn, the more knowledgeable the donor is, the more effective is his work with others.

Contact with other students can be quite challenging. Even the most promising relationships are often shaken by conflicts between the teacher and the student. Communication with other students is often limited to studying the problems of the author and the problem of the essay. Even if the object of such criticism is the author, he can have the opposite attitude towards the object of criticism. If the criticism is serious, it often turns into arguments on the opposite side of the problem.

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If the reader is interested in the personality of the donor, then, after consultation with the teacher, it is possible to describe his attitude to other people, his personal qualities and attitude to the ideas. It’s quite possible that the reader will be surprised by the amount of creativity the author displayed in the article.

The interest of the reader is increased by the following factors: the author’s arguments are based on real events, situations, experience of the author.

  • The interest is the subconscious desire of the reader.
  • The writer is free from having to stick to certain rules.
  • The essay is based on a clear plan that can’t be violated.

    The main thing the essay is based on is the author’s personal experience and reflections. The study of the essay is performed in the framework of the study of the author. The objective analysis of the topic and the formulation of the author’s position requires the study of literature, in particular, comprised of independent sources. The study of literature is carried out in the course of the essay writing.

    The most important source is the library of information on the topic. The practical part of the analysis is carried out in the form of tables, graphs, making calculations.

    The research is carried out in the framework of the survey. The results of the survey are expressed in the form of averages, formulas, averages, and so on. The procedures used in the selection of analysis methods are usually described in the form of automated blocks, allowing to evaluate the results, as well as to explain the reasons for the results.

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    To increase the uniqueness of the text, the text is rewritten several times.