How to write about friendship?

How to write about friendship?

Despite the modern cult of happiness and optimism, the idea of friendship is often met with negative stereotypes. The assumption that friends are only happy together for the sake of friendship is false. Love, on the contrary, is contrary to happiness itself. If the object of your profound feelings is friendship, then you will be happy to know that it is this quality that often allows people to describe their feelings in the best and exclusive form. Indeed, this theory is based on the understanding of the connection between the individual and the object of his feelings.

But, despite the eager need to meet the friend’s needs, some degree of subjectivism and creative thinking must be present. The rule about the uniqueness of friendships is one of the most important norms of friendship essay. It allows us to quantify the external significance of friendly relations. The uniqueness of certain friendships is determined by the unique combination of the individual traits that the friends attribute to each other.

Foreign friendship is not only inclined to confession but also extremely emotional. Emotionality is expressed not so much in words and phrases as in the characteristic intonations, accents, inconsistencies which the friend applies in everyday life. At the same time, they convey the subtle nuances of his mood to the interlocutor, remaining meaningless and incomprehensible to the outsider. This is why some people talk about friendship in such a way that it is impossible to overestimate its importance.

Given the fact that a friend is not only a trusted but also a very trusted person, this quality is very important for assessing the other person. Friends are mainly valued for their personalities. The secondary benefits of friendship also usually include: individual growth and a high Self-esteem.

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Therefore, someone may consider himself a man of honor or a woman of the highest value if such interlocutor has the high self-esteem and feels it in his heart. Such an assessment is not usually made at the level of the interpersonal interaction. But such sentiments are quite real. High self-esteem is associated with a large number of achievements in the game of diplomacy. But none of them can be considered as the basis for the right decision.

The essence of the word “friend” is not its objective and subjective value as such, not its social and personal characteristics. We should call friends and acquaintances “the best of the friends”. We should emphasize that the friend is not a source of the objective value of other people, not a perfect model for the attainment of the highest goals. But more than that, friend is a source of a collective name and a shared experience of the individual.

The best friends are those whose personalities are ready to be seen. At the same time, it is worth remembering that there is no place for the individual in the framework of the ideal social system without a collective name.

The concept of friendship is often used in a social context as a synonym for “love”, “sha,” “fiance” or “state of affairs”. But such usage is sometimes perceived as a narrow and very simple structure. Nothing is known about the psychology of friendship, and the truth is known only to lovers.

The term “friend” is often used in a broad sense in insults and, especially, with respect to others, because someone has already found out about your problems and is ready to immediately make progress.

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Not a friend but an ex-friend is being built. The individual elements of this concept are therein. Despite the fact that the focus on the outer environment is rare, it is impossible to find out the inner world of a person.

The only thing we are able to note is the fact that, regardless of the status, everyone can become a friend. However, this notion is only partially true. In the psychological analysis of friends, the following types of relationships are often considered as the most common: close communication, shared activities, general information flow, communication in the group, etc.

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Having become friends, we can state that this phenomenon exist in different levels of organizational work, varying in time and in degree of closeness between friends.

Level 1: The first type is called “primary model”. The emphasis is on the novelty of the relationship, novelty of the individual as a particular value. The value of this type of friends is determined by several factors, namely, the level of the relationship between the child and the friend (its form and characteristics of the object of interaction), the target of the activities, and the object of the motives, interests, aspirations, tasks, and so on.

The second group is called “secondary” or “close to you” (it is also called “friendly”). The second type is different from the first one, and therefore, it is called “what happens” (what happens, what idea is formed, etc.).

The third type is often called “strategic approach” or “working with” people. Usually, this concept is used in marketing and communication with others.