How to write about friendship?

How to write about friendship?

Many schoolchildren complain that friends are on the first level. From 7 to 18 years old, they have to feel the sympathy of others, their confidence and positivity. This is understandable, but nevertheless, it is not entirely true. Friendship, like all other attachments, is primarily a psychological attachment. All other attachments, whether it is friendship, parental love or devotion to the idea, ultimately, only adds to the list of qualities and the ability to communicate.

Thanks to the social and psychological characteristics of the person, his intimate relationships with others are analyzed during the entire life. The deeper the knowledge of the inner world of interpersonal interactions, the more clearly and vividly the ideas about the world are reflected in the tragedy. The child even experiences the external intensity of these relations. The knowledge of the inner world allows the person to penetrate into their own soul and to come closer to own feelings. If it is not true, then, at least, not completely, but sometimes, to know more of the inner world than to the surrounding people.

The most important thing to know about friendship is the fact that it is a special form of interpersonal interactions which exists practically for every person regardless of his social status. All interpersonal relationships are based on the principle of similarity and equality, and the key to understanding them is self-disclosure and intimacy. This is the ultimate value of the intimate interaction.

You may note in the friendship essay introduction that, thanks to the invariability of the functions of friendship, which we call “the best of friends”, this phenomenon can be considered as a “psychological” in the nature of which, as far as it is particularly strong, is fundamentally different from the ordinary interpersonal interactions in the course of which people sometimes face each other only in the course of selfish motivations, and the primary purpose of such interactions is the satisfaction of various emotional needs, primarily to express the feelings and attitudes of the individual.

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We can indicate the social function of friendship in the system of economic relations. The indicator of the psychological content of interpersonal interactions is the degree of their arranging, the stability of the personality. In accordance with this view, the value of friends is determined by the degree of their emotional integration with the surrounding reality.

However, the dynamics of friendship is not entirely consistent with the idea of egalitarian distribution of roles. The smallest degree of interpersonal relations is actually formed. In it, individuals are able to express the feelings of love, which, however, are not enough to make realizations. The inner unity is more important here than the objective interests of the person.

There is a myth about the friendship being a highly individualized, segregated and intimate. Even if this is true, in the perception of friends, the absolute quality of communication is higher than the qualities and the differences between friends.

The opinion that friendship is a special form of interpersonal interactions in which all members of the communication are somehow involved, no matter how different the consciousness of the individual and the perception of friends are.

But the paper actually shows the truth about friendship. After all, the abstraction of friendship is not the only one to consider in the essay about friendship. We can also remember the formulas which are often used by teachers, graduates, and teachers – “In this essay, I will tell you about…”

Essay outline

Although, you will not be able to write a good academic paper at once, you will have to learn how to write essays quickly and what to write in the steps of working on your assignment. There is a number of tips that will help you cope with this task.

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  • State your own point of view. It is not enough to just write a short essay on friendship. The essential part of the essay is to indicate own thoughts and the vision of the problem of friendship that you are going to highlight in your paper. You can focus on the life of friendship, or consider topics related to communication, or choose to create something like a friendship essay about such aspects of life situations.
  • Focus on the present moment, the main issue that you are going to highlight. So, you should think of what is the core issue that hides within the essay, and what one should write about in the course of the essay.
  • Present the theme of your paper in the form of a question that is arguably open for consideration. For example, you can state “what is friendship” or “how to make friends” as a question. “Such an analysis will help you to determine the direction of further actions.”
  • The concept of friendship is such that the reader can apply various relationships between the author and the subject of the paper. In other words, this is the main evidence needed for the essay.
  • Choose the objective of the essay.